Fabric Information

Chloroban (100% Polyester)

This fabric has new improved stretch and retention qualities. The new soft feel gives the wearer a comfortable hard wearing garment that is perfect for use in heated pools and pools which are highly cholorinated or the pH level is incorrect.

This fabric is very popular with all swimmers whether training, racing, or just enjoying a swim. We have a huge following of swim teachers and, for people that use hot hydrotherapy pools. Our garments made with our chlorine resistant fabric should last for many seasons, provided that the correct care instructions are followed. 

The fabric is 100% chlorine resistant and is rated at SPF50+


Aquaspeed Pro

Aquaspeed Pro is a water repellant fabric that resists holding water moisture therefore reducing drag through the water. The fabric has been designed to have a longer life than other racing skins due to it's construction and ability of the fabric not to absorb water. Aquaspeed Pro fabric was used by many swimmers during the 2012 Olympic Games in London.


FINA and Swimming Australia

Please be aware that all our swimwear (expect the Katzoot and Legged Katzoot's) are considered acceptable under the new FINA rules.


Workmanship Guaranteed

If in the unlikely event that you find a fault, please foward the garment to us within 14 days.

Please use the returns form page and include all your details.

At Nova Swimwear pride ourselves on the quality of the garments, we have been manufacturing swimwear since 1986.


** Special Mention **

Please be careful around rough sufaces, as the printed fabric may become snagged and leave a mark of the garment.