Chlorine Resistant Information

       chlorine-resistant-pbt-swimwear-fabric-002-.jpg                                                              Australian Made Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

Chlorine, that is in pools can destroy your swimwear very fast, that's why you should look for fabrics such as Polyester and PBT blends which will last longer and are resistant to chlorine. Swimsuits that are made of fabrics other than Polyester such as Lycra and nylon will rot and lose their stretch and retention properties in the pool and have a very low SPF factor.

Our Polyester SWIMWEAR HAS a 50+ SPF Rating.

A problem that many Plus Size Women find with swimwear is that the elasticity doesn't last long, Nova Swimwear only uses the best Polyester Fabric for their Swimwear.

Our 100% polyester fabric is made for swimmers who frequently train and swim for long periods. The fabric is quick drying, has a consistent fit and resists stretching.

How to Care for your Swimwear

Cold hand wash as soon as you get out the water or machine wash on a gentle cycle
Do not soak, bleach or spin dry or iron
Dry out of direct sunlight
Avoid rough surfaces around pools
Do not pack or store when wet
Remove any excess contact with sunscreen and harsh chemicals sometimes found in saunas and spas
White and pastel colours may appear transparent when wet

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