World Class Water Repellent Swimwear. Chlorine Resistant

 It sounds like an oxymoron: “water-repellent swimwear.” But it is real. The new swimwear line from Nova Swimwear repels water, thanks to its proprietary nanotechnology Chlorine Resistant fabric. Wetness simply beads off the fabric and the suits take only a short amount of time to dry. This latest technology from Nova Swimwear will help with your speed through the water as the water is “pushed” away when you are swimming. The non-toxic nanotechnology treatment used on the fabric is environmentally friendly and completely harmless to skin. In addition to men’s and women’s swimsuits, the line also includes children’s bathing suits with an additional feature—an SPF 50 rating.

With this new technology only wash your swimwear in clean fresh water – no chemicals.

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