NOVA SWIMWEAR - Ethical Sourcing 

 Nova Swimwear is an Australian independent supplier of swimwear and sportswear products.

 Ethical Sourcing Framework

 Nova Swimwear strives to promote sustainability and minimise the adverse environmental impacts of its operations and products.

Nova Swimwear aims to supply products and services in a manner that minimises adverse environmental impacts, by being sensitive to environmental issues.

 Nova Swimwear undertakes to:

  • Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and internally established environmental performance standards.
  • Communicate this policy to all its stakeholders.
  • Promote sustainability by conserving resources in conducting its internal operations and giving it consideration in the preferred supplier agreements for the procurement of products.
  • Seek opportunities to improve its ability to identify, measure and control the environmental impacts of its products; and
  • Maintain an open and constructive dialogue on environmental issues with its key stakeholders.

 Nova Swimwear undertakes to engage with its preferred suppliers, internal teams, independent environmental leaders and its dealers, in its efforts to promote sustainability and minimise adverse environmental impacts.

 Ethical Sourcing of Fabric-Based Products

 To achieve its ethical sourcing objectives, Nova Swimwear seeks to eliminate from its supply chain, wood/paper fibre from the following “high risk” sources:

  • Forest known or suspected to be of high conservation value, except where the forest is certified, or in progress to certification under a credible certification system.
  • Material illegally harvested or traded.
  • Material traded in a way that drives violent armed conflict or threatens national or regional stability.
  • Harvesting or processing entities, or related political or military regimes, that violate human rights.

To progress its achievement of these goals, Nova Swimwear undertakes to:

  • Seek information from suppliers on the source of the fibre or other materials in the products sourced for its dealers.
  • Review chain-of-custody information against this policy and supporting operational procedures; and
  • Continually improve the level of compliance with these policies using annual reviews, reports and actions agreed with our preferred suppliers.

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