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Male Team Uniforms

Design Selection

Our custom mens team uniforms come in many colours and shapes. Suitable for both boys and men. We use your team colours to create chlorine resistant swim uniforms that feature high levels of durability, comfort and offer high performance as well as great aesthetics.

Please note: A minimum of 15 garments per style must be ordered for team swimwear.

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If you have an enquiry about our mens team uniforms or wish to place an order, please contact us or e-mail


6C1 6C2 6C3

8C2 8C2 1K3


5C2   5C3



oc2 7c3 7c2

pc1 1g2 1g3

9g2 9g3

7mb2 7mb3

on2 on3

8bl 8bl2 92bl


8bl3   11bl



st1   s2t

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