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Plus Size Mature Chlorine Tough Swimsuits New Season Range

Jul 25, 2018

We are very excited to announce we are working on our new season of Nova Swimwear's plus size swimwear and mature swimsuits. With all pieces being durable as they are chlorine resistant and uv resistant, they are perfect for swimming in outdoor and heated indoor pools. If you are part of a swimming club or just like to swim each morning, Nova's Ladies Plus Size and Mature swimsuits are perfect as they are comfortable to wear and swim in with chlorine resistant fabric, you can swim ever … read more


Posted by Dennis on Apr 20, 2015

About our 2 Piece Bikini RangeDo you need a comfortable, durable two-piece swimsuit? Are you looking for a piece of swimming apparel that you can wear at the beach or to the pool? Then you need a two-piece swimsuit from Nova Swimwear. You’ll find an item that is built to last and looks great no matter where you’re going.Two Piece Bikini Swimwear for All Your ActivitiesTwo-Piece Suits That Are Chlorine-ResistantChlorine is an essential ingredient in pool water. It keeps the water clean … read more

New Style in Two Piece Bikini Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

Posted by Troy Tann on Apr 10, 2014

Nova Swimwear's New Two Piece BikiniTime for a new style ? Time for a new look ? At Nova Swimwear we have done it. Our new look skimpy cut two piece swimwear.These garments have a modified lower cut pant compared to our regular two piece swimsuits, matched up with a lower cut top. We've also changed the back straps of the two piece top, making it more stead-fast. So there's zero concern regarding the security of the top, even when you're swimming, surfing or running. Improve your swimming … read more

Buy Swimwear Online at Nova Swimwear for your racing needs

Posted by Matthew Doktor on Dec 08, 2013

Nova Swimwear Online ShoppingAll Nova swimsuits are super durable and feature quality fabrics such as chlorine resistant Chloroban + (100% Polyester), Aquaspeed Pro and soft touch Lycra.Improve your swimming experience with a Nova Knee Length style swimsuit. This Knee Length style is a popular swimsuit style for racing and training which provides fantastic support, freedom of arm movement and is a firm fitting garment making it ideal for racing, training or fitness.Our Swimwear ranges are ma … read more