Published by Dennis on Apr 20, 2015

About our 2 Piece Bikini Range

Do you need a comfortable, durable two-piece swimsuit? Are you looking for a piece of swimming apparel that you can wear at the beach or to the pool? Then you need a two-piece swimsuit from Nova Swimwear. You’ll find an item that is built to last and looks great no matter where you’re going.

Two Piece Bikini Swimwear for All Your Activities

Two-Piece Suits That Are Chlorine-Resistant

Chlorine is an essential ingredient in pool water. It keeps the water clean and clear and prevents algae and bacteria from getting into the pool. However, chlorine does have a side effect. It can cause serious damage to your two-piece swimwear, fading the colours and causing the materials to breakdown. Fortunately for you, Nova Swimwear has created high-quality two-piece bikini swimsuits that look incredible and resist the effects of chlorine. You’ll have a suit that you can wear for training, racing, or simply enjoying a leisurely swim. No matter how many hours you spend in the pool, our chlorine-resistant two-piece suits will last for years.

Plenty of Stylish Options

When you shop for your two-piece swimsuit at the online store from Nova Swimwear, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. With different colours, designs, and patterns, we have something that will fit your style. For example, you can choose the Two Piece Inferno, the perfect suit to show your competitive fire on race day. For something more relaxed, you can choose the Skimpy Cut Opal, a colourful suit that combines blue, yellow, orange, purple, and other vibrant colours. The Skimpy Cut Leo is another popular two-piece thanks to a swirling yellow and white print on a black background.

Australian-Made Suits with a High Standard of Quality

All Nova Swimwear suits are proudly made at home in Australia. Our factory is located on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, and we could not be more proud to manufacture world-class items right here in Australia. Thanks to expert designs and quality fabrics, our suits are built to last, giving you excellent long-term value. You won’t have to go to the store and buy new suits all the time, because our suits will stand up to the most constant and relentless use. Get Australian-made quality by shopping with Nova Swimwear.

Two-Piece Suits for a Wide Variety of Activities

These two-piece suits are perfect for practically any activity. Enjoy a relaxing day sipping beverages at the beach or by a pool, or wear your Nova Swimwear two-piece suit during your competitive racing. These swimsuits are great for surfing, water aerobics, paddle boarding, and any other water sport you can think of. It’s the versatile two piece that is perfect for active women and girls.

Two-Piece Swimming Suits Are Waiting for You

Stop by our website and check out our huge selection of swimming suits for men, women, and youth. You can find everything from two-piece suits to men’s Jammers. We even have the SL1Z, the perfect suit for swim races and training.

You deserve the best two-piece swimsuits possible, so check out our inventory today!