50+SPF Fabric for Maximum Protection Against the Sun

Posted by Dennis on Jul 08, 2016

Sun Protection

Nova’s most popular swimwear garments are manufactured with a versatile fabric called Polyester which gives you 50+ sun protection, allowing it to withstand the harsh Australian sun.

Sun protection is an essential part of pool and beach activities, and Nova helps you feel safeguarded whilst enjoying these aspects. A sun protection factor of 50+ is an exceptional standard for any swimwear range, which is why our business has incorporated it into the design.

Moreover, our quality assurance system ensures that only the high quality 50+ SPF fabric chosen by Nova is used in the making of our swimwear range. It is a highly protective sun-resistant polyester with great sun blocking qualities. The dense weave of the fabric and the materials used in its manufacturing are specially designed to block out the maximum amount of sun.

As Nova swimwear is made exclusively in Australia, you can be sure it is manufactured to suit Australian conditions. The fabric is hard wearing in the Australian climate whilst giving you good sun protection over the life of your swimsuit.

Some of our swimwear range is designed to maximise sun protection, such as our knee length swimwear, rash shirts, or wetshirts with the extra coverage features. The knee length protection and built in sleeve protection can make all the difference to your sun exposure on a daily basis. They are all made with our 50+ SPF fabric to provide extra sun defence. This range gives parents great peace of mind for the protection of their young families whilst out on the beach or anywhere when enjoying water sports in general. Nova understands the need for sun protection early on in life for our young swimmers. For men and boys, the stylish range also gives excellent protection with their knee length design.

But remember, those parts of the body not covered by your 50+ Nova swimwear will need extra sun protection to avoid the resulting effects.