6 habits that successful athletes have that nobody tells you

Dec 24, 2014

6 Tips from Athletes

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Elite athletes come in all shapes and sizes and each have a unique approach to their training and racing. While there is no magic formula to become a successful athlete, there are a few traits the world’s best all have in common.

They’re consistent and determined

The world’s best athletes aren’t the ones that miss training sessions in favour of a sleep in or a late night out. They’re consistent with their training and are determined to meet their goals.

They educate themselves

Most successful athletes have an insatiable desire to improve and learn more. They look to coaches and fellow athletes for advice but they also actively seek information on their own to better their training, technique, nutrition and mental preparation.

They believe in themselves

Elite athletes believe in their ability to perform and improve. The mental obstacles can be the hardest to overcome, and it simply isn’t possible without backing yourself.

They know when to let things go

Everyone has bad races every once in awhile. Successful athletes don’t dwell on their failures. They learn and move on.

They track their goals

Successful athletes set regular goals and keep track of their progress. It helps them to stay motivated.

They accept feedback

No one’s perfect, and there’s no use in taking criticism personally. Listening and assessing feedback is a huge part of success.