Are you getting the most out of your swimsuits?

Published by Michael Sherry on Feb 19, 2014

Using every inch of your swimwear

When you shop with Nova Swimwear, you will get absolutely everything out of your swimmers thanks to our high quality fabrics and state of the art manufacturing techniques.

All of our Mens and Ladies Lifestyle swimmers and a select range of our racing and training swimwear are known for their longevity thanks to their Chloroban polyester material. We have customers contacting us all the time to let us know that our swimsuits last longer than any swimwear they have previously used.

This polyester material is known for its chlorine resistance, which is the number one factor in swimsuits wearing out prematurely, especially when you spend a fair bit of time in the pool whether it be for recreational use or for training purposes.

Another benefit of the Chloroban polyester is its ability to keep its shape throughout the life of the garment. Our suits are a professional tight-fit, unlike suits that are made from nylon or spandex. All of our Nova Swimwsuits offer a snug fit for peak performance that come in a number of different styles to suit everyone.

We even stock a mature/plus size range that can include your choice of a shelf bra for comfort or a bra cup style. 

All of our lifestyle and competition/training swimwear comes in a variety of solid colours as well as many different designs and styles. Our swimwear is ready to go above and beyond your expectations so that you can be another one of our satisfied customers.

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