​Australia's up and coming international swimmers

Published by Trevis on Oct 17, 2019

Australia's up and coming international swimmers

Australian swimmers have been able to maintain an excellent reputation for their outstanding skills. If you are reading this, you must be looking forward to sort out who the best up and coming international swimmers from Australia are. Keep on reading to figure out more details.

  • 1.Kyle Chalmers

Kyle Chalmers is one of the most promising up and coming swimmers in Australia. He is specializing in the sprint freestyle events. He could win numerous medals during the recently concluded Australian Swimming Championship Event. In fact, he was able to secure the Gold Medal for freestyle swimming in 50m, 100m and 200m events. He also took part in the recently concluded Olympic Games at Rio de Janeiro. That’s where he was able to secure a medal in the 100m freestyle event. Kyle Chalmers comes from Port Lincoln, which is in Southern region of Australia. His father is a former Australian football player.

  • 2.Jack McLoughlin

Jack McLoughlin is a promising swimmer that you can find in Australia. He was both in the year 1995 and he could get into swimming at a very young age. He is well-known for his freestyle swimming technique as well. This helped him to take part in the 2016 Summer Olympic event as well. In addition to that, Jack McLoughlin was able to secure a Gold medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Along with that, he could win a silver medal in the 400m freestyle game as well.

  • 3.Cate Campbell

Cate Campbell is one of the freestyle swimming champs from Australia. She was born in the year 1992 and she also has a promising future ahead of her. In fact, she was able to win two different bronze medals in the 2008 Olympics games. In addition to that, she could win a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics and a gold medal and a silver medal in the 2016 Olympics.

  • 4.Mitch Larkin

Mitch Larkin who was born in the year 1993 specialize in backstroke events. He was lucky enough to represent Australia at the Olympic Games in two different instances. He could not win any medals at the Olympic Games, but his performances were outstanding. We will be able to see him bringing glory to Australian swimming team in the future with his amazing performances. During the 2014 Commonwealth Games, which were held in Glasgow, Mitch Larkin was able to win two gold medals. These two gold medals were won for 100m backstroke event and 200m backstroke event.

  • 5.Matthew Wilson

Matthew Wilson is a perfect example for an up and coming swimmer from Australia as well. He was born in the year 1998. He was able to take part in the World Aquatics Championships event, which was held in the year 2017. That’s where he could secure victory in the 50m backstroke event and 200m backstroke event. Matthew Wilson is also the Commonwealth Games World Record Holder for the 200m backstroke event.

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