Chlorine Resistant Swimwear - 100% Polyester

May 21, 2014

100% Chlorine Resistant

Improve your swimming experience with a Nova swimsuit. They are a popular swimsuit for racing and training which provides fantastic support is a firm fitting garment making it ideal for racing, training, fitness or leisure.

Our Swimsuits are made entirely from chlorine resistant fabric. 

Competition Swimwear, Strike gold with high quality racing swimsuits and bathers online Nova Swimwear offers the latest technology in racing swimsuits with Aquaspeed Elite 2 fabric. This water-repellent and lightweight material resists holding moisture and therefore reduces drag. Our racing swimwear is designed to hug the body's natural shape; the seams are flat and run along the length of the body. The male and female racing swimwear conforms to FINA Approved Guidelines, therefore can be used in events Australia wide. Due to our manufacturing being wholly within Australia and wholly Australian owned we have made a conscious decision to price the racing swimsuits so that all competitors can access the top of the range racing swimwear.