Chlorine Resistant Swimwear-that’s Long Lasting

Published by Nova Swimwear on Jul 08, 2016

Nova Swimwear's Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits

Nova Swimwear is very popular with competitive and recreational swimmers who spend long hours in the pool. With this in mind, it’s essential that the fabric the swimwear is made from is highly chlorine resistant. For this, Nova chooses Chloroban fabric, a high-quality polyester material with a range of benefits and advantages.

Nova Swimwear has the must-have qualities of being chlorine resistant and with good stretch retention, which is all important for its many regular wearers. Chlorine resistance is paramount as chlorine and incorrect pH levels in pool water are a major factor in the deterioration of swimwear.

Nova prides itself in giving you a good quality product that will last, whilst at the same time giving you value for money by producing our swimwear range at a competitive price. The stretch retention of the fabric provides a superior fit, allowing for better performance and greater comfort. All this makes Nova’s range of swimwear a good investment for your both competitive and non-competitive swimmers alike.

Of course, the correct care of your swimwear is important to maximise its life and keep the chlorine resistant properties of the fabric. Be sure to rinse your swimwear after use in cool water and dry away from the sun. Rinsing it in water before use will reduce its chlorine absorption even more.

All components in the design of the whole swimwear range are 100% chlorine resistant with the exception of the racing standard range, which uses the Aquaspeed fabric. The Aquaspeed fabric is specially designed to maximise racing performance and therefore does not have the same chlorine resistant properties as the rest of Nova’s swimwear range.

Nova’s long experience in the manufacture of swimwear near Queensland’s Gold Coast has given it the edge in the competitive swimming field.