Dive into Swimwear Collections​ with Nova Swimwear

Published by Shokhi on Jan 01, 1970

Dive into Swimwear Collections

Finding the perfect swimming costume is like finding a pearl in the ocean, said no one ever. The task although only seemingly daunting is not that daunting after all. A little research will do you a world of good before you click ‘Add to cart’ & ‘Continue to Payment.’ Don’t just buy it because you are in love with the colour. Let’s debunk a few myths and find you the best swimsuit like it was made for you.

How to choose a swimsuit?

There is a wide variety of styles and options one can choose from when it comes to swimwear. For instance, one-piece, two-piece, tankini, low-back, deep v-neck, strap, no-strap, etc. You may select a racing swimwear, sports swimwear, training swimwear, competition swimwear, etc. depending on your needs. The style of a swimsuit is directly related to your body type. One should pick the suit best suited to their body shape and size. The fabric of the suit matters a lot too.

Let’s first pick a style:

  • -If you want full coverage, you must go for a one-piece swimwear. They are ideal for exercise and are a modest option as well.
  • -A two-piece sounds ideal when you’re okay revealing your torso, i.e., your mid-section.
  • -For a more modest look and feel, you can opt for a tankini. It is a great option for pregnant women especially with the option of loose – fittings available.

Once the style is finalised, you may want to consider other factors directly related to the look and feel of the swimwear. For instance, pick a detail enhanced top to accentuate your chest. Bold colours and prints, ruffles and padding can make your chest seem bigger if that’s what you’re aiming for. On the other hand, get a supportive top if you have a fuller chest. If you must cover all aspects, look at yourself from behind in the mirror while trying it on. Make sure your bottom is not baggy from behind. You can select a full coverage bottom to distract from your hips. You can also go for a swim skirt or swim dress if you fancy being stylish in the waters.

You can experiment with colors, but solids and basics look classy and always in style. You can also use colour options to your advantage. For example, you can wear dark colours to minimise a certain body part and light colours to highlight the same. A good combination can be a royal blue top with a pair of a white bottom to minimise your bust and accentuate your bottom. These swimming costumes would be a perfect choice for any type of outing by the beach.

Comfort over fashion

You must buy swimwear online that is first and foremost comfortable to your skin. If your skin rejects it, chances are you will not utilise the maximum potential of quality swimwear. The swimsuit must fit you well. Check the durability by judging the thickness of the fabric.

While trying it on, check for a complete movement free of bunching up from the back. You should not have difficulty breathing in case the fit is too tight nor should it slide off your shoulder inside water. Do some squats or jumping jacks to see if the swimwear moves with you. It is of paramount importance that the swimwear fits you perfectly and you feel comfortable. Consult with the sizing chart when buying swimwear online.

Colour Co-ordination and Style

The first thing to consider when looking at colour options is your own skin tone. Compare your skin tone to the colour of the suit. Swimwear Australia comes in a wide variety of designs, colours, and prints. Find colours or prints that appeal to you and complement your skin tone at the same time. For instance, people with wheat complexion can opt for neutral colours. Fair-skinned people can go for brighter shades like a solid yellow or a red polka dot design. Dark skinned people can go for neutral and contrasting colours like a blue and white two-piece combination.

Selecting the Right Fabric

When it comes to online swimwear selection, checking the quality and the fabric can be a little tricky. It becomes a whole lot easier if you know your fabric beforehand and have had some experience in the past. Some fabric types that can be considered for a good experience are Lycra fibres, Spandex, Nylon fibres, Nylon and Polyester mix, and the likes. People often opt for chlorine resistant swimwear in which case, and the choice becomes really simple.

Swimsuits should be lined well from the inside and must be opaque. Even if you cannot see through and they are lined well, thinner materials won’t hold up in the future. Select a thicker material for a good first experience or a better-prolonged experience. You can also consider buying a classy cover up to wear over your swimsuit. They come in handy when covering the distance from the changing room to the beach or the pool and back.

Online Range of Swimwear

Buy swimwear online with the convenience of a click of the mouse. Nova Swimwear, a renowned Australian swimwear brand houses it all and does not boast. Browse through a variety of styles, colours, and prints to find that perfect costume. From girls’ bathers to girls competition swimwear, they have it all.

Swimwear is more fun to buy when it’s on sale. Look for offers or discounts provided by the brand and buy cheap swimwear online on sale. Keep abreast of trends in the swimwear category and look at what people your age are buying for a better decision making process. For instance, women’s knee-length swimwear is in vogue so as to cover maximum skin in order to protect the skin from getting tanned. Discover the entire range of Nova Swimwear and make the right choice today. Buying a swimwear online can be extremely fun. It’s more fun when you have a friend to share this activity with.