Everything You Need To Know About The Commonwealth Games

Posted by Shokhi on Jan 01, 1970

Everything You Need To Know About The Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games take place once every four years – 4th to 15th April 2018 was when it was last held. The place of choice to host last year's Commonwealth games was none other than Gold Coast Australia.

History behind the Commonwealth games

Commonwealth games haven't always been known by this particular name. In the past, it has been referred to as the British Empire game, British and Commonwealth Games, etc. Although from 1978 onwards, the name Commonwealth games has been stuck.

The first event was in Hamilton, Canada 1030. There were a total of 400 athletes from 11 countries who took part in the competition. Fast-forwarding to Australia, it was the 21st appearance. Australia has previously hosted the games four times- 1938 Sydney, 1962 Perth, 1982 Brisbane and 2006 Melbourne.

What are the Commonwealth games about?

Initially, there was a group of countries that formed the Commonwealth. These nations were previously linked to the Great Britain, all apart from Mozambique. Today all of these countries are independent but have become part of the Commonwealth games. The 53 members voluntarily signed a set of specific values which included democracy, international peace, equality and international peace. The queen is the designated head at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth games.

Things you could expect at the games

18 sports and 7 para-sports come together for a lot of excitement and entertainment. 6,600 and more participants from over 70 countries gather together on this day. In 2018, Australia sent a contingent of 474 athletes. The athletes sent were participating in all 18 sports that took place. This was the highest number of athletes to represent Australia ever eclipsing their previous record.

On the opening ceremony day, the Queen's Baton Relay takes places. This is a tradition wherein the Queen herself calls all the athletes participating to come together. This coming together in peaceful and friendly competition is placed in a baton. This baton then travels around all the heads representing each nation and territory of the Commonwealth Games.

About Gold Coast, Australia 2018

Australia is a destination for sport, and Queensland's Gold Coast City is the supreme summit. Gold cost is a characteristic donning playground and has one of the world’s most grand shoreline urban communities. Gold Coast offers perpetual sandy vistas, a dynamic gathering climate and in 2018 it hosted the Commonwealth Games in the scope of new and existing world-class settings.

The stadiums were prepped up

4-15 April 2018, Gold Coast's Carrara Stadium was set up for sports and the grandeur ceremonies at the commencement and closing of the event. Adjacent Southport Broadwater hosted Swimming and Diving. The out of the box new sport Coomera Indoor Sports Center hosted the Netball finals.

Multiple events like squash, table tennis and hockey were held at Oxenford. Brisbane encompassed the arena where shooting and cycling shooting and cycling took place. There were four occasions held amid GC2018. These included Cycling Time Trial, the Marathon, and Race Walk.

The celebration was beyond excitement

The Commonwealth Games on Australia's Gold Coast that took place in April. It represented exactly how dedicated the Commonwealth Sports Movement is in its entirety. It was an example as to guarantee that the advantages of the Games extend past the exciting effect of 11 days of games. It was the reason why Gold Coast 2018 held their first Mega Sporting Event in Australia with a Reconciliation Action Plan. Festival 2018 celebrated a huge exhibit of the differing and dynamic societies of the Commonwealth, and it was also the first multi-sport occasion on the planet to make a genuinely level playing field of gender equality. It had an equivalent number of medals for the people participating, unlike any other.

With 6,500 competitors and authorities from each edge of the Commonwealth, it was a moving and comprehensive celebration of network, culture, and game. It was a celebrated and loud festival of the present current idea of Commonwealth.

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