Published by Dennis on Jun 11, 2015

Water Sports, Athletes and Nova Swimwear

If you are a competitive swimmer, surfer, triathlon runner, or water-based athlete of any kind, you need top-quality sports swimwear that will give you durability, performance, and long-lasting value. That’s why you need Nova Swimwear.

With excellent suits that are crafted specifically for athletes, our sports swimwear is designed to help you be your best, all while maintaining a firm, comfortable fit.

No matter what your sport, make sure you have a suit that is ready to deliver years of high-quality results.

Great Sports Swimwear is Waiting for You

Helping Athletes in Any Water Sport

Because we have worked so hard to create swimsuits that are durable, long-lasting, and comfortable, they are great for many sports, not just competitive swimming. These sport suits are also great for surfing, paddle boarding, water polo, training, and more. They utilize non-absorbent materials, which means you won’t be weighed down by water. They also have intelligent engineering. For example, our Aquaspeed Pro line uses GBS construction and strategic paneling, once again enhancing your chances of success.

Chlorine is an essential element in pools, helping keep the water clear of bacteria and germs. However, it can have devastating effects on your swimwear. For this reason, we have made sure all of our sports suits are chlorine resistant, resulting in a long-lasting item that gives you more value for your purchase.

Plenty of Styles for Your Personal Touch

Do you want a bold, unique design for your sports swimwear? Are you looking for something with a simple, classic style? No matter what your personal taste, you can find the right sports swimwear to fit your needs. If you want something colourful and vibrant, you can choose the Cross Back Eva for women or the Jammers Paint Balls for men. On the other hand, if you want something that is clean and simple, the all-black Jammers SL1Z or Knee Length SL1Z will give you the look you want and the performance you deserve.

Australian-Made Sport Swimwear

If you want an item that is made with pride, look no further than Nova Swimwear. Since 1986, we have been manufacturing our sports swimwear right here in Australia, putting our passion and experience into everything we make. You’ll get a quality product that is built to last, but you’ll also get tremendous service after your purchase. You can count on our express shipping30-day money-back guarantee, and customer-support phone line to help you have a wonderful buying experience. When you call our customer phone line, you’ll even get real service from real people, not just automated machines!

Choose From the Finest Sports Swimwear

Browse our selection of sports swimwear and you can find the perfect suit for your competition. You’ll be able to find top-quality racing swimwear like the Aquaspeed Pro or SL1Z lines. If you want something more versatile, we have a huge selection of bikinisknee length suits, jammers, and more.

It’s the ultimate collection of quality suits, and it’s available right now from Nova Swimwear!