How Nova Swimwear Utilizes the Best Italian Machinery

Sep 22, 2017

Nova Swimwear uses Italian Machinery for their Swimwear

It’s astonishing to see swimwear available in an unlimited variety of beautiful prints. But it’s even more astonishing to see how only three things are needed for those beautiful textures and prints that make swimming even more pleasurable. Dye Sublimation is the process that we’re talking about: one which needs only sublimation ink, heat and pressure to do its stylish work. Although dye sublimation printing is not a particularly new technology, it’s only just recently become viable thanks to breakthroughs in other areas- one such field being synthetic fibres.

The better the technology, the better the outcome. That’s one rule of thumb that we’re very well experienced with across all businesses. That’s the reason why Nova Swimwear uses only the best Italian equipment in their dye sublimation transfer process, to produce a quality printing. The latest European technology prints top-notch quality in deep colours, and results in long lasting and better looking swimwear.

Ideal for bulk orders for clubs, teams and schools, dye sublimation done by Nova Swimwear’s specialised machinery can be modified and customised in terms of designs, colours and print positions. Check out these 30 different dye sublimation concepts available at Nova Swimwear, each carefully created by their hardworking design department.

Below are some of the ways in which investing in the best Italian Machinery has allowed Nova Swimwear to produce the best dye sublimation prints of all their competitors.

1. The machinery allows continuous tone printing, which results in smoother and brighter colour variations. Almost like jet printing, these transitions are beautifully formed and graduated to give a remarkable overall look.

2. Since the ink is suffused in every fibre of the fabric, or sublimated (hence the name), the designs are almost ever-lasting. Next time you’re making a purchase at Nova Swimwear, don’t worry about the print flaking off in the water. You can rest assured that its appearance will last, giving you a true value of money.

3. The imported tools make the sublimation process much faster; this is the key to the great testimonials about fast delivery.

4. Since no plates are required in the printer, Nova Swimwear have complete control over the details of the design. It is simple to accommodate teams’ demands, such as having each swimmer’s initials emblazoned on their swimwear. It also unlocks an unbelievable pallet of colours.

5. Concerned about the impact on environment? Nova Swimwear uses the most sustainable printing process, which is not only environment friendly but also safe to wear.