Knee Length Chlorine Tough Swimsuits for Training or Racing

Published by Dennis on Mar 03, 2015

Racing and Training Knee Lengths

When you are looking for a top-notch knee-length, you will have plenty of options, but few will offer the high level of comfort and quality that you’ll find from Nova Swimwear.

Our suits are designed with the competitive swimmer in mind, but they also make great swimwear for people who simply need a suit to wear to the beach or the pool. If you want the best possible Knee Length or Jammer, take a look at why you should choose Nova Swimwear.

Advantages of a Knee Length Swimsuit from Nova Swimwear

Knee length swimsuits can be used by swimmers of all types and skill levels, and while they are great for a day at the beach or a leisurely swim at the pool, they are most often used by competitive swimmers. As a competing swimmer, you need every advantage possible, which means you need a high-quality suit from Nova Swimwear.


It does not matter how you plan to enjoy your knee length swimsuit; it always has to be comfortable. With Nova Swimwear, you’ll get a swimsuit that stays comfortable for hours, allowing you to spend more time training, competing, or simply enjoying the water.

Slick and Snug

When you are in a fierce competition, victory can come down to fractions of a second, so you need to be as hydrodynamic as possible. Our knee length suits, especially the Aquaspeed Pro swimsuits, are designed to reduce drag, helping you become a faster, stronger swimmer.

Chlorine Resistant

With hours of training and full days of competition, chlorine in the water can quickly erode the fabrics on your suit. It can fade the colour and cause premature wear to the materials. Knee Length suits from Nova Swimwear, however, are built to resist damage from chlorine and deliver long-lasting quality.

Choose Your Favourite Knee-Length Swimsuit

When you find your Knee Length swimsuit from Nova Swimwear, you’ll be able to browse through many different styles and designs. You can choose the Shield, Gladiatorz, Laserz, or Scales design. We also have simple Black or the sleek Green & Gold designs.


We also have high-quality Jammers for guys. These knee-length men’s suits offer all the quality that you expect with excellent designs and patterns that guys love. You can find many of the same styles, or go for something unique like the Jeans, Grunge, or Surfskins Boardies design.

Racing Suits

Nova Swimwear is a leader in knee-length suits for competitive swimmers. Our Aquaspeed Pro Swimsuits use strategic panel construction and water-repellant fabrics for excellent results, while our skins Knee Length suits and Jammers use skins-style fabrics for the most advanced suit available.

Top-Quality Knee-Length Suits and Jammers

If you are a competitive swimmer, give yourself every advantage possible by finding the right Knee Length suit or Jammer from Nova Swimwear.

Visit our website now and you can find plenty of swimsuits that fit your specific needs. From swimsuits for youths to racing skins for elite athletes, we have everything you need in one location.