Published by Dennis on Feb 26, 2015

Nova Swimwear's Great Quality Product


Chlorine is an important addition to swimming pools of all sizes. It kills bacteria in the water and prevents the growth of algae, keeping the pool sparkling clear for years.

Unfortunately, chlorine can have a negative effect on your swimwear. It can fade the colours, change the shape, and quickly erode your swimsuits. Lucky for you, Nova Swimwear has a huge selection of chlorine-resistant swimwear.

So why should choose chlorine-resistant swimwear? Take a look at the top benefits of chlorine-resistant swimsuits from Nova Swimwear to find out...

Benefits of Chlorine-Resistant Swimwear

Keeps a Snug Fit

While all snug-fitting swimsuits will eventually stretch and expand over time, chlorine-resistant swimwear will last much longer than your average swimsuit. Having a snug fit is important, especially for competitive swimmers who need each and every possible advantage. Chlorine can be very destructive to fabrics, causing the swimsuits to wear away faster. With chlorine-resistant swimsuits from Nova Swimwear, your suit will maintain a snug fit for a longer time, making you a more hydrodynamic swimmer and letting you get the most from every stroke.

Resists Fading and Keeps Colour

If you go out and purchase a colourful, vibrant swimsuit, the last thing you want is faded colours after one swimming season. With chlorine-resistant swimwear, your suit will maintain its excellent colour and stylish designs for a long time, allowing you to look your best in and out of the pool. Nothing is worse than a swimsuit that looks old, faded, and worn-out, so if you want a suit that holds its lively colour for years, make sure you get a chlorine-resistant swimsuit from Nova Swimwear.

Lasts Longer than your Average Swimsuits

If you are a competitive swimmer, you have to spend hours and hours inside the pool. You need to train everyday and put your body to the test if you want to be a champion. Successful athletes arrive early and leave late, but for swimmers, that means hours and hours of chlorine exposure for your swimsuits, which can quickly erode the fabrics. With chlorine-resistant swimwear, your suit will stand up to the long hours of swim training, leaving you with a high-quality suit for multiple seasons.

Cost-Efficient Purchases

While it can be tempting to save by purchasing cheaper swimwear that is not resistant to chlorine, over time you will find that chlorine-resistant swimsuits from Nova Swimwear is a smart way to spend your money. Our suits last for years and years, helping you get more practice, more training, and more enjoyment from every suit. They keep their snug fit, which is essential for swim races, and they maintain their dynamic colours, which is great for any swimmer no matter what your skill level. You won’t have to buy more swimsuits on a regular basis when you can get a long-lasting swimsuit from Nova Swimwear. Shop around; you may be surprised by how affordable our suits can be!

Find Your Chlorine-Resistant Suit from Nova Swimwear

Visit our website today and you can find chlorine-resistant swimwear for a wide variety of uses. Whether you are an elite swimmer or simply want a stylish suit that will last for years, we have exactly what you need.

You’ll find chlorine-resistant suits for men, women, and youth, and you can find styles like Knee Length swimsuits, Jammersbikinis, and more!