Looking after your swimwear, when swimming in chlorine pools

Apr 29, 2014

Chlorine and Swimwear

It is really important that you look after your swimwear and take the following steps after you have finished swimming in chlorine and salt water pools. 

Nova Swimwear are made with our chlorine resistant fabric and is rated at SPF50+. All swimsuits should last many a few seasons if the following care instructions are taken.

1. Always wash the swimwear in cold water after finishing swimming

2. Dry the swimwear by laying in a dry cool place out of the sun and heat. 

3. It is not recommended to wash the swimwear in a washing machine or with chemicals as this can harm the material and colour. If you do use a washing machine, place the swimsuit in a bra bag to protect the swimwear.

4. If you are storing the swimsuit for a long period of time you can even place it in the freezer this will destroy any chlorine and ensure it will last a long time. 

5. It is always good to rinse the swimwear before swimming as this reduces the amount of chlorine it will absorb.

If you follow these steps your Nova Swimwear will last you for many seasons.