​Make Way For Plus-Size Swimwear with Nova Swimwear

Published by Shokhi on Jan 01, 1970

Make Way For Plus-Size Swimwear

The human bodycomes in all shapes and sizes. The different body types have been neglected and looked down upon for a long time. But all of us have had enough of that. Recent developments and modernization have helped this cause quite a lot.

Different body shapes and sizes are now taken into account while developing a product. The plus size department is finally booming. More and more choices are available for people with different body shapes.

Plus size swimwear available now!

Same goes for plus size swimwear. Now you can easily find swimwear that fits your body. In the past, there was body shaming along with zero plus size swimsuit options. Now you can easily shop for plus size swimwear online or in store. There are a variety of options available.

If you check online, you can find swimwear for every gender and shape. The plus size industry often neglected the need to make plus size clothing for kids, young adults and men. The recent awareness has changed that. Now you can find plus size boy’s jammers and men's swimwear.

Though the swimwear is available, it still has a lot of problems. Many body positive bloggers write about the problems they go through while shopping for swimsuits. The suit's coverage and sizing are one of the most common problems, along with support and variety. You usually have to search a lot for a good quality swimwear that fits you. You can also get a swimsuit tailored, but it costs more than an average swimsuit, and it will take a while as well.

Although the variety is usually limited, you can find training swimwear, racing swimwear, competition swimwear and sports swimwear.

The acknowledgement and acceptance of different body types are the highest it has ever been, but it still has a long way to go.

Customer Centric market

Today's market revolves around customers. They are the king of the market. Business only survives if they can keep up with the changing preferences and demands of the customers. Commercialization plays an important role, as well. The customer has a lot of options, and if you don't provide the sizes they are looking for, they will simply move on to some other place that can. This has made a lot of brands more aware of the plus size customer base that they have. Many places started offering a wider variety of plus size swimwear such as one piece swimsuits, knee-length swimsuits, plus size bathers etc. The motivation of attracting customers has an important role in the development of the plus size industry.

Many people and celebrities cut off the brands and stores which are not plus size friendly. To expand is the way to stay in business. Though the motivation doesn't come from a pure place, it still helps the industry and ends up increasing the variety.

Representation and acceptance

In recent years, the representation of plus-sized people has increased substantially. More and more people with different body types can be seen in TV series and movies. The increase in the representation has led to more awareness. People embrace them for who they are rather than trying to achieve the ‘perfect' body that was advertised for years. People feel more confident in their skin. The quote ‘everybody is a beach body' has been popularized inspiring more and more people with different body types to embrace it. Thus, wear the swimsuit they want to wear be it a one-piece swimwear or two-piece swimsuit. The representation has increased the swimwear sale, which in turn results in more representation through advertisements and marketing. The market for plus sized industry is on a dynamic path.

Fashion and trend

To find something in plus size, which is also trendy is a difficult task. Many brands offer a very limited collecting with a few designs which are nothing compared to the designs found in the average sized section. The issue is raised time and time again by many bloggers and celebrity. The process of getting all the trends in plus size has been a slow process, but it is moving forward. The concept is getting more popular and necessary with the demand increasing by the day.

Social Media

The biggest phenomenon in today's world is social media. If the social media influencers are portraying women's knee-length swimwear, then that would become the hot trend. Social media has a significant influence on every part of society. In recent years, the positive portrayal of different body types has increased over social media, encouraging and contributing to the market. Many companies prefer to advertise through social media for several reasons. The reach of social media is expanding by the second. Many people get inspired by what they see on social media and decide to be more accepting of themselves and of others. You can see the change in behavior of people and the support that body positive campaigns receive. The customer base is growing by the second.

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