Published by Dennis on May 11, 2015

Male Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits

While there are plenty of options for men’s swimsuits, few can match the comfort, value, and durability of Nova Swimwear. When you wear a men’s swimsuit from Nova, you’re getting a piece of apparel that is built to withstand the rigors of competitive swimming and other water sports, as well as the harms of chlorine and saltwater.

You can have one of the finest men’s swimsuits in Australia, but first, take the time to learn why Nova Swimwear is the preferred choice for swimmers, surfers, and aquatic athletes all across the country.

Find Men’s Swimwear for Your Sport

Mens Suits for Racing, Training, and More!

Nova Swimwear is a top choice for swim races, training, and other water activities. These suits are designed to make you more hydrodynamic, with excellent designs and advanced materials. Two men’s suits in particular are a must have for competitive swimmers...

First of all, you can choose from our Aquaspeed Pro line. These suits are form-fitted to give you a snug, hydrodynamic quality in the water, all while remaining comfortable and flexible. With Stretchmax fabric, GBS construction, minimal water absorption, drag-defying seams, and intelligent panel organization, these suits can give you the advantage you need in a race.

The other popular racing swimsuit for men is the SL1Z. With a skins-style fabric and high-quality design, these suits are the ultimate advancement in competitive swimming technology. You can count on these suits to shave time off your races, and could possibly be the difference between a first place trophy and a disappointing finish.

Success in swim races depends on a lot of factors, including personal dedication, commitment, and perseverance, but you can give yourself an added advantage by wearing men’s racing suits from Nova Swimwear.

Water Sports and Athletic Competitions

If you are active with a wide variety of water sports, including surfing, water aerobics, triathlons, water skiing, water polo, or snorkeling, you need a swimsuit that will live up to rugged and consistent abuse. You need something that you can wear in the pool, where chlorine can diminish the fabrics, as well as to the beach, where saltwater can fade and erode your suit. With Nova Swimwear, you’ll get a versatile men’s suit that is capable of handling everything. With chlorine-resistant and non-absorption fabrics, these suits will last longer, giving you greater value from every purchase.

With a huge selection of styles, you can choose the swimsuit that works best for you. You can go with a vibrant suit like the Brief Zelus or the Jammer Grunge, or choose modern styles like the Jammers Laserz or the Lucas Signature Series. For a fun and unique suit, choose the Jammer Jeans or the Surfskin Boardies.

Proud to Make Quality Men’s Swimwear

Since 1986, Nova Swimwear has been creating high-quality men’s swimwear right here in Australia. We take pride in providing you with a reliable product that is built to last. Our suits will deliver better color retention, stretch retention, and long-term quality, ensuring you get hours and hours of activity from every suit. Whether you choose one of our brief or jammer suit, you’ll have a piece of apparel that you can count on for years.

Durable, Comfortable Men’s Swimsuits

Browse our large selection of men’s suits to find the perfect piece of apparel for your needs. From elite swim races to casual poolside relaxation, you can find a men’s suit for any use.

When you are looking for quality men’s swimsuits, there is only one name you need to know: Nova Swimwear!