Mens Jammers Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

Mens Jammers Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

Jun 02, 2014

Nova Siwmwear Jammers 

We love getting feedback from our Nova Friends.... Another happy customer wrote...." The family and I spent the weekend down at the beach the other day and my son wore his favourite new pair of Jammers, "The Jammer Jeans". Whilst we were at the beach we did have a few people come over and have a closer look because at first they couldn't believe they were actually swimwear / surf wear. I must say he did get a little annoyed that I kept calling him over to give people a closer look but I think in the end he was secretly loving it!!

I now know why the ever popular mens jammers have become even more popular with our team “crazy busy” working away on these newly released surf wear Jammer Jeans. Yes they may look like your every day Jean Shorts but they are actually quick dry, 100% chlorine resistant, using our top chloroban fabric. These Jean Jammers are comfortable and fashionable swimmers that will look awesome and perform even better during your training sessions in the pool or a day at the beach. Once again, you can't go past affordable, comfort and quality!! Thanks again for your feedback and your stories relating to our swimwear. Here are a few happy snaps taken in the Jammer Jeans. x