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Published by Dennis on Jun 29, 2015

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Young Australian Swimmers Receive Financial Support

Australian swimming is currently loaded with world-class talent. If you are a fan of this sport, you will have a lot to look forward to over the next 10 to 15 years.

While swimming is a very exciting sport, anyone who has ever competed at the elite level knows that it can be a daunting challenge. Not only do you have to push yourself to the max, challenging both your physical and mental endurance, you also have to find a way to support yourself while you train. Unfortunately, the financial challenges can often push talented swimmers away from the sport.

There are, however, some organizations dedicated to helping athletes and swimmers pursue their dreams. One group, the Australian Commonwealth Games Association (ACGA), has recently made a major contribution to the success of 22 young Australian athletes.

The ACGA would be thrilled if they could help every single aspiring athlete in the country, but this is simply not possible. The reality is, they need to be selective with their contributions, so the group waited until the end of both the 2015 Georgina Hope Swimmers Foundation Australian Age Group Championships and the 2015 Hancock Prospecting Australian Swimming Championships. After these events were concluded, the ACGA chose 22 athletes who they felt had the best chance at future greatness.

The group of selected swimmers is now known as the “NextGEN” squad. Australian swimming fans will remember that former groups were called the Australian Junior Commonwealth Game Squad. The group has a history of helping young Australian swimmers, selecting 55 athletes from 2011 to 2013. 17 of these athletes qualified for the 2014 Australian Commonwealth Games Squad.

This year’s group holds many notable swimmers, including Bronte Campbell, Cameron McEvoy, David McKeon, Daniel Tranter, and Kyle Chalmers. Bronte Campbell, for example, has already won multiple awards in her young career. She won gold medals at the World Youth Championships, Pan Pacs, and Commonwealth Games. She also competed in the 2012 London Olympics alongside her sister Cate. Kyle Chalmers is one of the most promising young swimmers on the squad. At only 16 years old, Chalmers picked up four titles at the Age Championships, including both freestyle and butterfly competitions.

ACGA: Helping Develop Australia’s Future Swimmers and Athletes

With many functions and responsibilities, the ACGA helps athletes all over Australia pursue their dreams and reach their potential. The group conducts many projects, including publicity for various athletic competitions, as well as the development of talented young Australian athletes.

While they are involved in many different tasks, their most important task is probably the preparation of athletes for major competitions. They not only provide funding, they also help with training, coaching, and facilities. To help organize the Australian Team at the Commonwealth Games, the ACGA also chooses athletes, coaches, medical personnel, and more.

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