The First Class Choice for School Swimwear Uniforms

Oct 05, 2017

Swimwear Uniforms for Schools

Gone are the days when you could bring your personal swimwear from home for your school swimming classes. Just like a school uniform, many elite schools have now introduced swimwear uniforms, making it mandatory for students to wear the swimming costume specified by the school.

This new regulation allows students to cut back their anxiety over what swim suit to wear, since a consistent guideline is levied in terms of appropriate swimwear. Another advantage for schools opting for a uniform swimwear policy is how it makes economic inequality, normally evident among students, less visible. It puts the diverse student body in the same boat, narrowing the gulf between rich and poor students and increasing group morale. And of course, no more dripping and sopping locker rooms!

As more and more schools of all stripes make this switch, Nova swimwear enters the market and gives schools an opportunity, offering bulk orders for swimming clubs, teams and/or schools. Many of the well-known schools are top clients of Nova Swimwear, making bulk order each year with their prestigious logos emblazoned on the suits.

From high quality Chloroban (chlorine resistant) to Lycra fabrics, one piece suits to deck coats, Nova Swimwear has managed to secure the leading position among manufacturers for bulk swimwear in Gold Coast, Australia. The company has offered customised bulk order for over two decades, and to this day provides services and products unmatched by its competitors. Nova products have made such great strides that Australian representative swimmers and top triathletes have endorsed the Nova Racing line of world-class swimsuits.

Here are few more facts that back the reasons why schools consider Nova Swimwear their first choice for a swimwear uniform.

- Nova Swimwear has direct control over the quality of the products manufactured, ensuring the company’s commitment to durability, high performance, comfort and great aesthetics.

- Testimonials from large swimming enterprises agree that the process, from ordering to delivery, runs faster and more smoothly than anywhere else.

- Many customers swear by the fitting and style of Nova Swimwear. One such client has declared Nova suits made theirs “the best dressed swimming team in Jakarta”.

- All swimwear (except Katzoot and Legged Katzoot’s) are acceptable for competition under the rules of the International Swimming Federation (FINA).

- Apart from its chlorine resistant fabric, Nova Swimwear is also rated at SPF50+. They offer significant protection against UV rays even when out of the pool.

- Aquaspeed Pro, another water repellent racing garment offered by the company, was used widely by swimmers in the Beijing 2012 Olympic Games.

- Nova Swimwear prides itself on having a spotless business history since incorporation in 1986.