Nutritional Food helps with a healthy lifestyle and swimming

Published by Shokhi on Sep 11, 2018

Eating Habits to Keep in Mind for The Swim Physique

Eating right is as much a part of any sport as the actual sport is. Only the right kind of food and nutrition will provide you with the energy to build and grow. Swimming is a tough sport wherein the energy requirement of your muscles gets two folds. Good brands like Nova Swimwear solve the problem of finding good quality swimwear, but what about following a good food habit? Not so much. However, it’s important for swimmers to have the correct diet so as to develop the muscles they need for this sport.

A Guide to The Food And Nutrition

What to eat - The most important thing to remember is that eating the right foods on a daily basis is extremely important. There are some foods, like eggs and milk that should be included in your daily food intake without fail. Before training, make sure you’re fueling up well. The meals you take before your practice should mostly be protein based. Lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Training on an empty stomach is not the best approach. A heavier meal should be eaten 3-4 hours before and a snack an hour before training.

Protein bars, trail mixes, cereal nut bars or frozen yogurt bars are a great source of snack anytime in the day. Eating good food for muscle recovery is also necessary for athletes. These foods will include carbohydrate-rich ingredients like peanut butter, yoghurt, and milk. Include some protein like a peanut butter and bacon sandwich, and you will notice that your body recovers faster during training sessions. The best thing you could give your hard-working body is the right foods, nutrition and good swimming costumes from Nova swimwear.

What to avoid - As an athlete having certain dietary restrictions are a part of the process. Fatty foods should definitely be avoided. Fatty foods like nuts, salmon, and avocados are good fats, but it’s the fat on that pepperoni pizza you should avoid. Avoid spicy food as well. If certain spicy foods cause you discomfort, indigestion or gastronomical issues, it's best to stay away from them.

Another big no-no in your diet should be sugary foods. But just when you think you’re safe if you’re not eating that donut, take a look again at your breakfast cereal. Hidden sugar is a thing, and you should be keeping an eye out for ingredients in packaged foods. Then comes high fiber foods. But while these shouldn't be completely avoided, it's best to not eat beans or wheat pasta right before jumping in the water. It may cause serious discomfort and feeling of nausea. Some foods may actually sabotage your performance level. Thus, knowing which ones are those is always the smart move.

These are the basis of keeping your nutrition and food intake in check. However, along with this, it's also important to eat good immunity-boosting foods. Foods that are specific for faster muscle recovery are essential parts of your diet. Fruits and colorful vegetables are high in antioxidants and should be included without fail.

A proper diet will keep you in the right shape. Find the best swimwear to compliment your physique and opt for trusted brands like Nova swimwear for a wide range of swimwear.