Our Six-Point Quality Assurance System at Nova Swimwear

Posted by Nova Swimwear on Jul 08, 2016

6 Point QualityAssurance

As ALL Nova Swimwear products are made in Australia, you can be sure that it is made to the highest standards. We have a six-point quality assurance program which guarantees you will be purchasing a high-quality product. Our quality assurance inspectors are all located in the same factory in Australia and work as a team. They are able to liaise with one another and oversee the process of production from start to finish. In that way, they are able to meet Nova Swimwear's high-quality assurance standards.

All quality control is performed in-house; as we believe in keeping a close eye on our production and quality control standards, which contributes to our production values. Nova has been manufacturing swimwear since 1986 continues to bring a wealth of experience in the industry to its selection of the raw materials and manufacturing process.

Our commitment to quality

The quality assurance process also encompasses the process of fabric selection. The fabric of our swimwear is specially selected for its stretch and comfort factors, so quality is held in high regards throughout the production journey. We want you to have a quality product when you purchase a Nova swimsuit and so work to provide that via our six-point plan. Our quality assurance program also includes our exchange and refund process which is detailed on our website.

The qualities we look for in our fabrics, and therefore in our finished products, are primarily based on durability—so that you can be sure you are purchasing a quality garment that is going to last. The 100% chlorine-resistant fabric, Chloroban, also means extra durability in the pool environment. This fabric also has qualities which minimise ripping of the material and so this means a longer lasting product for you to enjoy.

As swimmers wear these pieces for extended periods of time, incorporating a comfortable fit into the design of each piece of swimwear is important. Our fabrics are also specially chosen for their stretch retention and softness. Thirdly, performance is central to many of our customers and so that is a prime consideration in Nova design.