Perfect Fitting Two Piece Bikini Chlorine Tough Swimwear

May 28, 2014

The Perfect Two Piece Bikini

Have you purchased many 2 piece swimmers before and they just do not withstand the surf!! They may be fine to sunbathe in or they may look pretty, but what's the point in paying top dollar for swimwear that you can not entirely use to your benefit.

What's the point in putting on your favourite pair of bikinis to go for a surf, only to be knocked off your board from a wave, only to get back up and find that you are now surfing topless or bottomless!! Sure, you will probably gain a bit of attention, but wouldn't you rather enjoy what you came out to do and that is to enjoy a surf with the piece of mind that your 2 piece can withstand rough conditions and stay put!! Here at Nova we have recently designed many perfect 2 piece swimwear. Most recently the ever so popular "Skimpy Cut" The bikini that every girl dreams of. Low Cut and Perfect for the beach in and our of the water!!! This swimsuit is manufactured using our top quality chloroban+ fabric which is 100% chlorine resistant. This means that your Nova lifestyle garments will last much, much longer and also retain up to 100% of their original colour throughout the life of the garment.

The Skimpy Cut are a smaller cut than our regular two piece swimwear. With the pants sitting lower on the hips; the top being a lower cut in the front and the rear straps more stead-fast. These tops won't move, great for the active girl who's surfing, swimming or just working on their fitness. We have also heard from a few of our pregnant purchaser's that they are in love with this style and would like to see more designs. If the "Skimpy Cut" is not for you, we have a wide variety of other 2 piece designs that I am sure you will love!! Here are some pics of our "Skimpy Cut" posted on our Instagram / Facebook Page that I would love to share with you... We love receiving feedback xx