Quality Chlorine Resistant 2 Piece Bikini's

Published by Dennis on Mar 30, 2015

Nova Swimwear's Two Piece Bikini Range

Bikinis are a popular swimwear options for swimming competitions, surfing, and relaxing at the beach. While there are many bikini choices out there, few have the long-lasting quality and versatility of a Nova Swimwear bikini.

Excellent Bikinis for All Your Needs

Use Your Bikini For Any Activity

Bikinis are not just for looking fantastic at the beach. They can also be used for a wide range of activities, including sports, leisure, and exercise. If you are a racing swimmer, a bikini from Nova Swimwear is a great choice, as you will get a hydrodynamic suit with chlorine-resistant materials. Whether you do short or long-distance swimming, and Nova Swimwear two pieces will give you an added advantage. Bikinis can also be used by surfers who want something that is durable, flexible, has a strong hold, and looks great. Swimming teachers will also love a bikini, as you will have all-day comfort whether you’re in or out of the water. Do you participate in hydrotherapy? With a Nova Swimwear bikini, you’ll have the flexibility you need to get the most from your movements.

From water aerobics to elite water sports, Nova Swimwear bikinis are capable of meeting your needs. These suits can help you stay comfortable and look your best during any activity.

Get the Advantage of a Bikini from Nova Swimwear

You can have a bikini that meets your higher standard with Nova Swimwear. Our bikinis are made from chloroban+ fabrics, which resist the harmful effects of chlorine. You’ll have better colour retention and a suit that keeps its shape longer thanks to stretch-resistant fabrics. These high-tech materials are built to last, but they are also soft and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy all types of water-related activities.

When you purchase a suit from Nova Swimwear, you’ll get the complete backing of our 30-day money back guarantee, as well as our excellent customer support. If you have any issues with your bikini, you can give us a call and talk with a real person. If that’s not enough, everything from Nova Swimwear is proudly made right here in Australia!

Find the Perfect Bikini for Your Needs and Style

With Nova Swimwear, you can find a wide variety of styles and designs for your bikini, giving you plenty of options to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of our most popular bikinis...

Skimpy Cut Opal: This colourful bikini is a smaller cut from our 2-piece range. It has a solid back strap that gives excellent hold, which is great for surfing, boarding, or diving. This is a fashionable bikini option when you need need something that is sporty and vibrant.

Skimpy Cut Leo: With a gold, white, and back print, this bikini is flattering and attractive. The Leo has a solid back strap for excellent support, making it a great choice for race day or a leisurely afternoon at the pool.

Black Bikini Bottom: If you simply need a comfortable and stylish bikini bottom, you can choose our Black Bikini Bottom. Made from high-quality materials and chlorine-resistant fabrics, this item goes well with almost any bikini top, adding a versatile element to your swimwear.

Find the Right Bikini for You

Stop by our online inventory today and take a look at all the fantastic bikini options that we have to offer.

You’ll be able to find top-notch bikinis that meet your needs. Whether you are a highly-competitive swimmer or simply want a comfortable bikini for pool-side relaxation, Nova Swimwear has the swimsuit you need.