​Quick Guide To Performance Training for Swimmers

Published by Shokhi on Oct 05, 2018

A Quick Guide To Performance Training for Swimmers

Swimmers train the hardest among all athletes. That's why they need the best that swimwear can provide. Swim costumes from nova swimwear are known for their quality. Swimmers train tough and their training requires rigorous hours in not only the pool but also a minimum of 6 hours training on land. These exercises can vary depending on the swimmers training level and progress. Swimmers should not be put under bodybuilding training that many coaches still do today. It overworks their already worked up shoulders, sabotaging their actual technique training. So, what works best? A simple but effective programme on dry land if done thrice a week properly should be more than enough. These are the exercises you need to incorporate to develop this effective land routine for enhanced performance. Opt for quality when it comes to purchasing your swimming costumes. Brands like nova swimwear are trustworthy and reliable when it comes to quality.


Pull-ups give you the same experience of moving through water. It uses your back, shoulders, arms, and wrists all required for a good clean stroke in the water. This is good on land training for being in the water. Have an over or underhand grip and hang from a bar. Then pull your self up using your shoulder blades and bring yourself down with your arms. Complete one whole extension otherwise the exercise is not done in its full potential.

Squat jumps

Squat jumps can be considered as a good warm-up exercise. Easy to do and gets the blood flowing in your legs. While lifting your body up, you will have to jump and bring your body back to the squat position. Hold this squat for 3 secs before repeating the rep.

Alternating dumbbell presses

Alternating dumbbell presses will give your shoulder a good workout without it being too overbearing. There is no need to go so hard on your already overworked upper arms. This is an easy and quick exercise for joint stability. The best way to do this is by holding the dumbbells outside your shoulders, palms facing your thigh and lift your dumbbells. Lower one dumbbell but keep the other above your chest. Lift the hand back up and while you do that push the other hand as well.

Leg cradles

This is an exercise which will help with Jio rotation and flexibility in the pool. It helps in opening up your hips and giving your body some stretches before the water. In this exercise you'll have to stand on one leg, pushing one leg as close to your chest and stomach as possible. Your one foot should be on the ground, and your hands should be holding the other feet close to your body. This is a great exercise for hit rotation and flexible core.

Lateral Lunges

Lateral lunges will open up your groin muscles, and it's is important in swimming. To do a lateral lunge, you'll first have to get in standing position with feet apart and toes pointing straight ahead. Squat towards your left leg keeping your right leg intact and straight. Your body weight should be on your left leg. Hold this position and repeat reps switching sides accordingly.

These exercises are really basic and can even be considered as stretches. But building your core and strength on land is important as well. Simple stretches and workouts on dry land can show you a tremendous improvement in water. Do follow at-least a few these for a whole month to see the results. Wearing the right costumes for your swim training is also essential, so opt for good quality brands like Nova swimwear.