Racing Swimwear for Girls and Boys, One Piece Swimsuits

Published by Nova Swimwear on Feb 12, 2015

Children's Racing Swimwear

Any experienced athlete will tell you that success is in the details. It takes hard work, commitment, and a mentality that is fully dedicated to winning, but it also takes attention to the seemingly little things.

In competitive swimming, success is often measuredby fractions of a second, meaning you need to do everything that you can to reach your goals. A single second can be the difference between a first-place trophy and a disappointing day.

Nova Swimwear understands the needs of swimmers, allowing us to develop some of the most advanced racing swimwear available. These high-quality racing suits are made right here in Australia, and they are developed with one goal in mind: helping you become a faster, more competitive swimmer.

Racing Swimwear To Give You an Edge

Aquaspeed Pro Swimsuits

Competitive swimmers using our high-quality Aquaspeed Pro fabrics will have the advantage of drag-defying, lightweight suits that help you get the most from every stroke. Aquaspeed Pro is our water-repellant fabric that resists absorbing water, decreasing drag and making you a more efficient swimmer. Thanks to its high-quality construction and resistance to water, the Aquaspeed Pro fabric also takes in less chemicals, helping them last much longer than the average swimsuit.

With Aquaspeed Pro swimsuits, you’ll have a form-fitted suit that uses GBS construction and strategic panel placement for better results. It’s contoured to meet your body’s specific shape and size, and the hydro-dynamic design means you won’t be restricted by your swimwear. Aquaspeed Pro swimsuits from Nova Swimwear meet the highest expectations for racers, making them a popular choice all across Australia.

Our Aquaspeed materials have been tested under a wide variety of race conditions, so you know you are getting a racing swimsuit that is ready to meet your high demands. You’ll get minimal absorption, Stretchmax fabrics, and a perfect form-fit, giving you the most advanced swimsuit for your races.

Racing Sl1z

Racing swimwear technology is always evolving, and you need to have state-of-the-art materials if you want to stay at the top of your game. Racing Sl1z is one of the newest innovations from Nova Swimwear, and they have quickly become a top choice for competitive swimmers. Using skins-style fabric and chlorine-resistant materials, these racing swimsuits are perfect for the elite swimmer looking for an edge during their competitions.

You can find the Jammer Sl1z, which is a great choice for male swimmers, or the Knee Length Sl1z, which delivers high-quality results for female swimmers. These are the latest in racing swimsuit technology, and they are available right now from Nova Swimwear.

Find Your Racing Swimsuits with Nova Swimwear

If you are serious about competitive swimming, give yourself the added advantage of Nova Swimwear. While nothing replaces hard work and dedication, these racing swimsuits can help you become a successful, highly-competitive swimmer, no matter what your current skill level.

You train hard, push your body, and do what it takes to be the best swimmer possible, so make sure your racing swimwear is up to the challenge.

Visit our website today and you’ll find all the best options for your racing swimsuits from Nova Swimwear.