Swimming Team Uniforms and Bulk Buy Matching Swimsuits

Published by Michael Sherry on Feb 19, 2014

Custom Made Team Swimwear

Swimming Team Uniforms

Nothing says team spirit more than a customised swimming uniform. Nova Swimwear offers swimming clubs and schools the opportunity to make bulk swimwear orders for your teams. Look the goods and compete in your team colours, with logos emblazoned over the swimwear.

You are able to choose from our many swimwear styles and designs for adults and children, as well as males and females. You can order your swimsuits in either Chloroban (chlorine resistant) or Lycra fabrics, and talk to us about how you'd like for the uniform to look. 

We can assure proven and tested products, with an unmatched service that has been the driving force of our company's success for the past two decades.

We have introduce the latest European technology known as Dye Sublimation. Dye Sublimation produces the best quality transfer printing with deep colour penetration which allows for longer lasting and better looking swimwear.

We can also offer you high quality screen printing services that are ideal for printing your club name and/or logo on your Swimwear for clean and simple matching swimwear. We can use a custom design that you have supplied or one of our skilled graphic designers can help you bring your custom design idea to life.

To find out more about our custom team swimwear, visit us at  Nova Customised Team Swimwear or call us to discuss on (07) 5596 2856