​Swimming: Your New Weight Loss Regime with Nova Swimwear

Published by Shokhi on Jan 01, 1970

Swimming: Your New Weight Loss Regime!

Weight loss can be challenging, which is precisely why keeping it interesting is important. If going to the gym or running the block doesn't motivate and intrigue you anymore, we have one more solution for you! While searching for weight loss methods, you have most certainly come across swimming as being an effective exercise. It is highly possible for a number of people do not think of swimming as a way to exercise as well. In this article, we are going to inform you as to why swimming is the way to weight loss. So, get into your swimming costume and start with a swimming regime today!

Swimming is a full body exercise. Pay attention to professional swimmers, and you'll notice that their entire body is toned. That is exactly what swimming has the capability to do, work every muscle in your body at one. Researchers say there is no other exercise that makes you burns calories, boost metabolism and make your body significantly stronger and fitter. You must also make a note here that they use professional training swimwear instead of low-quality swimwear while exercising.

Why? What exactly is the science between swimming being able to work each muscle in your body? Why should you put your training swimwear on and go swimming?

Density of water helps in keeping your body toned

All of these questions are valid and yet have the simplest of answers. The density of water is what makes your body as toned as it is. Water is said to be 800 times denser than what air is. This density present in the water servers as natural resistance for anyone who is training in their training swimwear. The push and pull mimic resistance exercises you would be doing at the gym. Swimming works your arms, legs, back, core, and glutes all at once, which is what speeds up the weight loss process. Instead of focusing on one muscle solely, you focus on your entire body every day. And because of the constant drag and resistance, your body never gets accustomed to the exercise. And, when you wear special, good quality training swimwear, you enhance this effect of exercise on your body even more.

Swimming has progressive health benefits that last a lifetime.

When your body is immersed in water, it neutralizes gravity. This means that your body because weightless once in the water giving your joints a break. Swimming also has other health benefits. Studies show that habitual swimmers have lower blood pressure, better central nervous system, and cardiovascular systems. In other words, habitual swimmers have been tested to show that they have biologically younger bodies.

How long will it take for your body to lose weight while swimming?

This question is subjective. Your weight loss will highly depend on how much weight you have to lose and how much time you put in. The ideal amount of time to loos 1 kilo per week would be 2 hours and 30 minutes of swimming every week. This is because that amount of time will help you lose 3,500 calories which equal out to one kilo. Of course, you can't just decide to put your training swimwear on and have fun in the pool. You have to remember that at the end of the day this is your work our regime. So for those 2 and a half hours you have to work tirelessly to take your body to a better place. Prefer wearing a proper sports swimwear for the best exercise experience.

Following are the different strokes you can include in your swimming routine:

The last thing you need is to be in your training swimwear at the swimming pool without a plan. Instead, if you were to combine two different kinds of strokes daily and follow that specific routine, it would be beneficial for your body.

  • 1.Butterfly Stroke

The butterfly stroke is said to be the most effective. It is said so because you are working both your hands and legs with difficult movements. This stroke will allow you to burn approximately 150 calories in 10 minutes. Provided your form and pace is correct.

  • 2.Freestyle Stroke

The freestyle stroke is the easiest to adapt to. This is exactly why it is the perfect exercise to start your self out with. Calculations show that your body can burn up to 590 calories if you worked out for an hour. This calorie count will differ according to your body weight; nevertheless, it is extremely effective.

  • 3.Breaststroke

Swimming whilst doing a Breaststroke is equivalent to you waking up and going for a jog. The positive element is that it won't get you as tired as jogging would. On the other hand, you might quite enjoy the breaststroke in your training swimwear.

Swimming is the best cardiovascular exercise for your body.

Now you have an idea about different kinds of strokes that you could incorporate in your daily swimming routines while you wear your training swimwear. This is another important benefit that comes with swimming. Your lungs and heart are tirelessly working towards supplying oxygen to your body. This means that it is a great cardiovascular exercise for anyone who practices it.

Are you worried about your training swimwear?

It is understandable to be worried about what to wear to the swimming pool. You might be in a place where you aren’t necessarily proud of how you look in your swimming costume. Hence, you need training swimwear that fits in the correct places and looks professional enough.

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