Swimsuit Performance is a must when choosing swimsuits

Published by Dennis on Aug 13, 2018

How Good Swimwear Impacts A Swimmer’s Performance

In today's world, we can measure anything to the T, helping us enhance and improve with every step of the way. Performance has also very much been enhanced by our ability to measure speed and durability down to fractions of a second. In fact, the top 15 swimmers in the world today are separated only by one-tenth of a second! It is evident that if you are a swimmer, you should adopt anything that cuts down a nanosecond from your lap timings. Here, your swimwear plays a role. You should pay attention to what type of swimsuit you decide to wear as it will impact your performance in many ways. This could even be the difference between first and second place. Wondering where to buy an apt swimwear from? Well, Nova swimwear comes to your rescue.

Let Us Have A Look At The Impact Of Swimwear On The Performance Of Swimmers

It Reduces Drag

This is just down to simple physics. When moving in the water, your body faces a drag which slows you down. This happens to everybody but not to every pair of swimsuits. The type of swimwear you use while trying to set a good timing can reduce the underwater drag and improve your performance. The more slender your body is, the faster you swim. Hence, keeping your swimwear tight will help reduce drag.

Durability at Its Best

The right swimwear that reduces drag also makes it easier for you to swim. Therefore, it helps you swim not only faster but also for greater distances. This provides you with extra energy which can go a long way in boosting your performance for events such as team relays or long distance sprints.

The Apt Material

Each material will have a different result on your performance, either enhancing or curbing it. Traditionally, the swimwear used to be made out of lycra (a fabric that is known to absorb water and air.) This makes them heavier and less aerodynamic, slowing you down. Many research studies were conducted by various universities and institutes such as NASA. The studies showed that swimwear works best when made out of high performance fabric. These studies looked at aspects such as how marine animals' bodies worked. Researchers also looked to imitate these to enhance swimming performance in human beings. In fact, NASA launched a swimsuit based on these findings. After the first week of its production, three different world records for swimming were broken using them resulting in the FINA banning their use.

So, it is evident that swimwear can really affect your performance. Good swimwear can allow your body to reach its maximum potential in the water. So, when you go shopping for swimming gear, you should look for quality. If you’re looking to enhance your performance, some designs can also be quite attractive. You can look at companies such as Nova Swimwear for quality swimwear that will greatly help your performance, and don’t forget a swim cap and goggles either! Happy swimming!