Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits for Heated Chlorine Pools

Mar 27, 2014

Use Chlorine Resistant Swimwear in Heated Pools

Nova Swimwear specialises in designing comfortable long lasting durable swimsuits for swimmers that love jumping in the pool to train, swim or compete. With chlorine resistant, 100% polyester material your swimsuit ensures a comfortable fit for all sizes and shapes. It is perfect for the use in heated pools with chlorine and salt and also in the ocean. 

Coming into the colder months in Australia, finding an outfit that is comfortable, long lasting, durable and will last this season, Nova swimwear is the swimsuits for you. 

The chloroban fabric used in all Nova's stock bathers will provide a longer lifespan for the garment when used in chlorinated water. This means you can swim longer and more often and not have to worry about colour retention or loss of elasticity.