Swimwear selection tips which can be very helpful

Published by Dennis on Sep 03, 2018

Tips and Tricks to Find the Perfect Swimwear for Your Body Type

With the cold slowly fading away, the summer is soon to set in. It’s holiday time; it’s beach time! And finding a swimsuit that hides the extra pounds and shows off your curves is essential. We understand that this isn't an easy task. So, here is a go-to guide to find your ideal swimsuit.

First things first, get a clear idea of what body type you are.

  • 1.Straight body:

Having a straight body type with shoulder, waist, and hips around the same measurement is more common these days. For this kind of body type, opt for halter or triangle shaped bikinis to add a touch of curviness.

  • 2.Pear-shaped:

Having a tiny chest but wider hips mean you have a pear-shaped body. The key here is to find swimwear that balances these proportions. Find swimwear that highlights the top portion, like plunging necklines, high necks or off shoulders.

  • 3.Inverted triangle:

The opposite of pear is the inverted triangle- a larger bust area and narrower hips. Inverted shaped bodies often have undefined waists and slim limbs. For them, it is best to go with swimsuits with bra support. High waist bikinis or single piece swimsuits with cutouts at the waist are also great as they accentuate the waistline.

  • 4.Skinny:

The minute you have a flat chest and booty, slender arms and legs, you know you fall into this category. To create that extra sexy factor, choose swimsuits that have extra padding. You can also opt for swimsuits of any type with ruffles, tassels, and straps to add volume.

  • 5.Athletic body:

Those with well-toned muscles, no extra fatty flaps and just the right amount of defining curves fall into the athletic body type. People with this body type can wear almost any swimsuit and be sure to look amazing. Athletic body types can be adventurous and try out bold prints, neon colors, small bikinis, tie up swimsuits and choose what they like the best.

  • 6.Hourglass body:

When the upper and lower part of your body is in a synchronized proportion along with a well-defined waistline, you have an hourglass body shape. Hourglass bodies are great to experiment with. Go for clean, sleek silhouettes within either a one-piece swimsuit or a bikini. High waist bikinis really bring out the best in the hourglass-shaped bodies.

  • 7.Round body:

When your torso is bulkier than the rest of the body, you are classified into the round body type. Hide the extra bulges and define your waist by wearing shirring and ruching tankinis, single piece swimsuits or high waisted bikinis.

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