Swimwear Trends that is popular right now

Published by Dennis on Aug 20, 2018

Latest Swimsuit Trends for Women

For women, it is always about the latest styles and trends in the market. Doesn’t matter if they are headed out for a shopping trip, a vacation or a swim! Well, to get you into the right mood and trend when in water, given below are a few swimwear styles you would want to stuff your wardrobe with. Put that sunscreen on, get a pair of vibrant flip-flops, pick the best fit swimwear that suits your style and you are all set for a swim!

We've put together the latest swimsuit trends to help you sail through your shopping process with Nova Swimwear:

  • 1.Ruffles and frills:

Ruffles and frills are the perfect addition to your plain, basic swimsuit to take it a notch higher. This retro style is super feminine and is sure to continue to stay in trend for a long time, and evolve with every season.

  • 2.Swimsuits with belts:

Belts work as such an amplifying accessory for every outfit, whether it is jeans, a dress or a swimsuit. Belts change the entire look of what you're wearing, taking it from a zero to a hundred in a matter of seconds. Swimwear brands like Nova Swimwear have added a belt to a lot of their designs making them fun and overly stylish.

  • 3.Neons:

The neon trend for apparels may have faded off, but truth be told, neons have just hit the swimsuit market. Neon swimsuits are most definitely going to make a statement at the beach or the pool, adding just the right pop of color.

  • 4.Minimal and monochrome:

Minimal styles never go out of fashion. And neither do the monochromes. However, they can get monotonous. But for those who don't wish to experiment, Nova Swimwear has come up with minimal, monochrome swimsuits in new cuts, patterns, and shapes. Maybe, worth the shot!

  • 5.Polka dots:

As retro and old-school as it sounds, the polka dots are making a comeback in every way possible! Opt for a high waist polka dot bikini or a simple one piece off shoulder bikini, and make a style statement like never before.

  • 6.Velvet:

Who would have ever imagined wearing velvet in another way than on a jacket or blouse? Trends are changing by leaps and bounds. This year velvet is taking on swimsuits, and we couldn't be more excited! Choose a velvet swimsuit of a single color and in a basic pattern. Simple, stylish and sexy!

Look out for these styles and more whenever you go swimsuit shopping for your next pool picnic or beach holiday! Find all these styles amidst a lot more trendy swimsuits for women and girls from Nova Swimwear. Many will catch your eye, and you'll definitely leave happy as ever!