The Best Swimsuits for Women Aged 40+ Chlorine Resistant

Posted by Dennis on Apr 18, 2018

40+ Women and Swimwear

Its summer already! Bring on the sun, sand, SPF, and of course, the swimsuits. But once you get to a certain age, like 40 or 40+, choosing the correct swimsuit is paramount to your lifestyle.

There are various questions that arise around you like skirt or not to skirt? One piece or two-piece? Are bikinis a thing of my past? Or shall I even go to beach or not? You also might start opting for various things like skirted swimsuits, figure enhancers, and the swimwear with obvious control panels.

Well, as you age, your choice of swimsuits also starts to change! You transform from a bikini to tankinis, ruffled, and something that hides to your trouble areas.

But, not to worry, as we have the best swimsuits for the women aged 40+-

One-Piece Swimsuits

There is no denying the fact that one-piece swimsuits are making a comeback. And, they can be very flattering, undoubtedly!

A one-piece swimsuit is known can cover your trouble areas easily. Moreover, if you are carrying some extra kilos in your middle, these are the best swimsuits that you can opt for.

They give you that much wanted feminine allure, and will also make you ready for that big splash.

High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms

High waisted bikinis are easy, universally timeless, and eye-catching. If you have been maintaining your middle part, lately, these types of bikinis are way to go. Moreover, they are fun, have a retro-vibe, and will let you make the style statement that you always wished for.

Two-Piece Swimsuits

Two-piece swimsuits are the best of all, and give you the support that you require at this age. These swimsuits hide your perceived flaws.

At the age of 40+, it calls up for covering up everything; so two-piece swimwear are simply the way to go.

Moreover, you’ll get a diverse range of patterns, colors, and styles in it, so you can simply choose them according to your preferences.

Consider the Swim Shorts

To consider swim shorts, you simply need to ditch the swim skirts. Swim skirts have a lot of volume in them so; it is best to choose something that fits close to your body.

Shorts are easier to pull off, and you give you the best of coverage these days. Furthermore, they are less frumpy in nature, and works for almost every body type.

Knee-Length Swimsuits

If you want to make an attempt for full coverage, hiding all the trouble areas, and more, go for the knee-length swimsuits. They come in an elongated length and shape your body seamlessly in no time.

Things you need to remember before you purchase:

Colors: If you are something around 40+, opt for the shades like saturated bright shades and sophisticated neutrals. But make sure you say NO to whites, metallic shades, and pastels.

Patterns: Go for stripes, polka dots, geometrics, floral’s, and ombre, but sweet florals, jungle florals, and splashy ones.

Cover-ups: Consider linen shirts, tunics, sarongs, flowy swimsuits, but on the flip side, crochet, board shorts, matching coverup swimsuits are a big NO for you.

Details: Go for double linings, mesh illusion in-sets, contrast trims, and simply refuse one-piece swimsuits with fringes, cutouts, sparkles, and jewels.

Other tips that you need to follow are selecting the swimwear for women over 40 are:

  • Get the right size and find a swimsuit that is flattering on your body.
  • Find the one-piece swimwear that hides your trouble areas.
  • Care for quality not the quantity
  • At last, consider the darker tone as they help to slenderize your overall physique.


Shopping swimsuits definitely comes as a challenge for every 40+ women. But now you can give a try to one-piece swimsuits, tankini’s, and two-piece swimwear to hit the beach like a swimsuit pro.

Moreover, follow all the tips of colors, detailing, patterns, and cover-ups, and you’re good to go.

So now, embrace the above swimsuits like your laugh lines, and choose the best one for you.

What are you waiting for?

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