Importance of Nutrition, Training & Best Sport Swimwear

Published by Shokhi on Nov 20, 2018

The Importance of Nutrition and Training and The Best Sports Swimwear

Life of an athlete can be summed up in just two words "perseverance and consistency." That one perfect jump or one best shot or the best landing is a result of years of hard work. Only hard work cannot, however, lead to achieving milestones for an athlete. The right set of sports swimwear is necessary. But, proper nutrition and training are just as important.

Swimming is one such graceful sport where nutrition and training play an important role. Have you ever had a longing for that perfect bikini body by looking at the swimmers?

Well, it is not everybody's cup of tea to live the life of an athlete. Every move is so carefully chalked out, and even one wrong step can cost you in terms of your performance. Performance of an athlete is impacted on a lot of factors.

A Few Aspects Of Training That Impact A Swimmers Performance Are:

1.Apt trainers:

An athlete can perform best when he is coached by the best.The expertise of the trainer you are working with makes all the difference. There are hundreds of trainers out there but not all produce champions.An athlete must be able to choose a trainer who is capable of providing him with appropriate training and teach him to not only work hard but work smart. Swimmers can use our training swimwear during their training sessions to make sure their performance as at its best.

2.Correct clothes and accessories:

Even a common man can work well with comfortable clothing let alone be the athletes.You cannot win a war by just learning the war tactics but choosing suitable ammunition is equally essential. Athletes have to go through rigorous physical activity all day long causing enough discomfort already. Cheap swimwear can make you uncomfortable and keep from giving your 100 per cent.Appropriate sports swimwear is the most important.Some important features to look out for in swimwear can be whether it has a good fit, proper fabric to ensure comfortable movement and whether it is a chlorine resistant swimwear. Girls swimwear and boy’s swimwear have their own details to suit the body types of respective athletes.Not only swimwear and but accessories like a swimmers cap and swimming goggles should be carefully chosen. You can buy swimwear online at Nova Swimwear. We ensure you get the best training swimwear, racing swimwear, sports swimwear and many more to suit your needs.Along with ladies swimwear and men's swimwear, we also have plus size swimwear to choose from. Our wide range of collection includes knee-length swimsuit, ladies’ one-piece swimwear, men's jammers, and boy’s jammers likewise.Best of Australian swimwear all at one place!

3.Time management:

Time management is a highly critical aspect of a training programme of an athlete. Time management gone wrong can change the victory into defeat.Trainers should pay particular attention to time management.

Training as important it cannot give the best result accompanied by proper nutrition through the diet and essential supplements.Appropriate nutrition helps a swimmer to improve performance and recover quicker from the swim practices.

Planning an athlete's food and nutrition is a never-ending process. The nutrition intake has to be taken care of consistently as per the changing needs of one's body.

For instance, it is very common to see swimmers practising in pools early in the morning. Most people wonder when do they have their pre-training food if they are already in the pool at 5 am?Swimmers are advised to eat 3-4 hours before the swim to ensure that they do not swim with a full stomach. Swimming done with food in the stomach can lead to nausea.Early morning practice would mean waking up in the middle of the night to eat. This makes no sense because sleep is equally important. So, they eat a light but healthy snack just before the swim and then have breakfast once the swim is over. This makes it extremely essential to plan the diet for an athlete.

Few Nutritional Recommendations For An Athlete Are Highlighted Below:


Swimmers should have high carbohydrate meals 3-4 hours before their swim.Carbohydrates serve as excellent energy during their high-intensity physical training. Amount of carbohydrates for an athlete depends upon the nature and intensity of his work out regime.Some carbohydrate-rich food that is commonly observed in an athlete's diet can be bananas, brown rice, energy bars, low-fat yogurt.


They help in building and maintaining the body tissues. Unlike carbohydrates, they hardly serve as an energy source but are essentially the recovery of body tissues.Consumption of protein pre-workout help to prevent muscle breakdown and delays the emptying stomach. While not only the quantity of protein is important quality is what actually matters. Whole eggs, milk, fish and beef are said to have the most biologically valuable proteins.


A Dehydrated body is the last thing an athlete can have. They have to have the highest levels of energy at all times and falling short of is something they cannot afford.Lots and lots of fluids should form part of the routine.

What Should Swimmers Eat Before Swimming?

Swimmers as mentioned earlier cannot consume heavy meals before the swim to avoid the stomach discomfort during the swim. But no meals at all are also not ideal as they lower your energy and have an impact on your performance. Swimmers should ideally consume light food before going for the swim. A few meals they can have pre-swim are:

1. A piece or two of toast and a glass of juice.

2. Fig bars.

3. A small bowl of cereal or banana porridge.

4. Raisins.

5. Energy bar.

Swimmers should make sure that they are maintaining the intake of fluids regularly.

What Should Swimmers Eat Post Swimming?

It is essential for them to have heavy breakfast after the swim. The diet planned for swimmers should include foods with high carbohydrates and proteins to ensure a quick recovery.

Few meals that are recommended to swimmer’s post swim are:

1. Whole egg sandwich.

2. Bowl of oatmeal.

3. Bagel.

4. Bananas and yogurt.

These were a few nutrition and training tips that all the swimmers should keep in mind. Make sure you stay fit to perform well on the field and fit in your desired sports swimwear. You can buy them on Nova Swimwear