​The Top 25 Fitness Blogs to Follow in 2019

Published by Shokhi on Jan 01, 1970

The Top 25 Fitness Blogs to Follow in 2019

When the term fitness is used, people immediately co-relate the topic to words like diet, going to the gym or swimming in your racing swimwear. Fitness is so much more than just one component of a healthy life. Being fit requires you to develop a lifestyle around it, and this lifestyle is bound to include various varied components together, resulting in a healthier life overall. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' when you are fit, you have:

  • 1.Energy to undertake important tasks and be productive
  • 2.You endure the stamina to have a positive outlook and are capable of handling mental and emotional challenges and dealing with daily stress.
  • 3.Reduce the risk of health problems.
  • 4.The chance to feel and look your best.
  • 5.Physical strength to endure and accomplish physical challenges
  • 6.A chance at a longer and better quality of life.

Before you go on a fitness journey, doing your research is optimal. This is the reason why we have curated 25 fitness blogs you must read:

Steve Shawn founded this fantastic blog. Although the focus of this blog is on strength building workouts, reading it can teach you an immense amount of muscle-building strategies.

Brandon Carter is a fitness model himself. His blog is curated around the idea of giving advice that has been tried and tested. It includes different diets and the optimum advantages and disadvantages of them and different kinds of workouts, swimming in the right swimming costumes, etc.

Steve Kambs is the founder of this authoritative fitness blog. He is currently traveling the world and working on his body. This helps him combine two very drastic worlds. He works on curating workouts that help build muscle and that honestly work.

Women's bodies work differently from that of a man's body. Fit Bottomed Girls is a website that is specifically targeted towards girls. If you are just starting and don't know how or what to do, you should definitely take a look at it!

The founder of this blog is James Follacchio. Undoubtedly, the most attractive element of this blog is the compliments of interviews by various bodybuilders.

Katie Dunlop is headset to help others reach their own fitness goals, which is why she founded this sit. She shares personal stories from her journey and shares work out tips, advice on nutrition, and daily motivation for her readers.

The intriguing name itself gives out the one feature that makes this blog stand out. Tina Haupert, the founder of this site, tries to focus on how to find a balance in life. He blog posts include nutrition, fitness, and best practices to help others achieve their goals.

A certified personal trainer owns this blog. The element that stands out is how she manages her body goals whilst being a mom and wife. The blog posts revolve around quick workouts and healthy diets and swimming with the right technique and in the right training swimwear.

This blog offers in-depth information about the practice and tips on how to apply yogic philosophy in all areas of one's life.

The blogs on this site are specifically for first-time gym-goers. The blog posts are focused on tips of wellness, workout strategies, and recipes for health, etc.

This blog’s focus is home fitness for everyone! It's finding an hour or two invest in fitness whilst having a busy life. The blog provides advice on how to incorporate workouts even if you aren't going to the gym, for example, training in your racing swimwear, doing strengthening exercises at home, etc.

This blog promotes positive body image by motivating its readers to find activates that they love but also promote wellness, for example, badminton, swimming in your swimming costume and more.

The blog is curated around the idea that movement leads to a healthy life. The posts are about nutrition, fitness, and in-depth information about healthy lifestyles.

This blog features celebrities and famous personalities who are into bodybuilding, health tips, and other useful information on fitness.

This blog provides important information which will help you improve your body and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Her readers benefit from her expert advice about body positivity, self-care, mental health, etc.

This blog is mainly centered on bodybuilding and fat burning workouts.

This blog has its post centered on cardio-centric workouts.

Irrespective of your preference, whether it is resistance bands or bodybuilding, this blog is suited to help motivate your fitness goals.

This blog has immense information about recipes, product reviews, workout tips, etc. that encourage one to adopt a better way of living.

M&S is a blog for both men and women. It provides everything you need to know about working out and being motivated. Thus, also to help you eat right.

The site covers pregnancy, stress management, nutrition, mindset, fat loss, etc. If you are looking for something on any of these topics, this is one of the best places to be!

This blog offers a variety of different classes and inspiration blogs for anyone who needs the motivation to get into shape.

Founded by Lindsay Livingston, this blog is about good recipes, nutritional advice, and a healthy lifestyle.

Gym junkies are said to be one of the best fitness blogs on the net. The blog was founded by Terry Asher. The blog posts are either about fitness articles or lifestyle articles.

If you were to choose swimming as an exercise

Swimming is one of the best ways to lose a few extra pounds and have yourself build a lean body. If you are to swim regularly, it only makes sense to invest in training swimwear, swimwear for ladies, men's swimwear, plus size swimsuits, etc. This is because the correct swimming costume will help protect you from chlorine since chlorine resistant swimwear is available as well.

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Fitness is a lifestyle, which is vital to be adopted to achieve a healthy life and goals for your body. It is a journey full of challenges, but one that's fruitful in terms of physical, mental, and emotional health. In case you do opt for swimming in your training swimwear or going to the gym, read the following blogs to be more prepared and well-read.