What Style Suits Your Swimming Persuasion?

Published by Nova Swimwear on Aug 28, 2017

Right Swimwear for Your Swimming Persuasion

Making the right choice about your swimwear depends entirely on what you’ll be doing in the water. If you are going for a casual day at the beach, it might not be the best move to wear a knee-length, competitive wetsuit. Similarly, if you are looking to practice a few laps in a pool, baggy shorts or a bikini simply won’t do. So, this guide is here to help you make the right choice by looking at some of the different suits and where they are best suited.

For Him

Men have it relatively easy in the swimwear department. Most of the swimwear for men would work in most scenarios, so it all boils down to comfort. Be warned, though, that a pair of briefs may be a little much for a beach bbq.

Briefs and Jammers

For years, male swimmers were subjected to the daunting prospect of donning a skimpy pair of briefs. Some people may have relished the opportunity to show off their physiques, but for many the classic look was a bit of a deterrent. In recent times, though, jammers have become a popular alternative for all types of swimmers. The additional material that jammers provide has anecdotally brought in a lot more young adults wanting to competitively swim. Better still, from a swimmer's perspective they are incredibly comfortable and do not hamper you in any way. Still, briefs are a classic look that offers near-complete freedom in the water.

For Her

There are a lot more options for women to choose from in their swimwear, and it’s all about preference and setting.

One Pieces

A one piece swimsuit is the perfect balance between competitive and casual swimming. It is modest, incredibly comfortable and comes in a wide variety of styles. It may not be the sexiest outfit to wear at the beach, though.

Two Pieces

A two piece swimsuit is a little bit more revealing, but still guarantees comfort in the water. Although not recommended for trying to break personal records in the pool, it is perfect for days at the beach or competitive sports such as Surf Life Saving.

Knee Length Swimwear

Knee Length suits are geared more towards competitive swimming, but work perfectly fine if you are chilling out by the pool. With a range of styles, designs and fabrics available, knee length suits are also designed to be streamlined in the water.