Why Are Some Pools Faster Than Other Pools?

Published by Shokhi on Jan 01, 1970

Why Are Some Pools Faster Than Other Pools?

Competitive swimmers often use the terms “fast pool” and “slow pool”. While this is considered as normal terminology for them, many others can’t decipher what they mean. Is there such a thing as some pools being faster than others? Or is that just terms swimmers use?

The answer to your question is yes. There are certain pools that are faster than others. It is said that only a swimmer could understand and feel the difference. Is this just a feeling or is there an actual reasoning behind this? Does only competitive swimwear help efficiency in the water? If you wish to know the answers to these questions, keep reading!

Other than competitive swimwear, pool technology also contributes to the efficiency of swimmers. Both of these characteristics together, result in the quick feeling that swimmers often experience. Before we touch on details, there is a simpler explanation as well.

  • Slow Pool

A slow pool is referred to the kind of pool generally used by major population to relax during the summers.

  • Fast Pool

A fast pool is somewhat contrasting to the statement above. Fast pools are where athletes train for competitive swimming and utilize their training swimwear for effective swim practice.

Factors affecting swimmers’ speed

There are some factors that help with the swimmer's speed. Some of the factors include:

  • Swimming pool Turbulence

This is one of the major factors with regards to speed. To put it plainly, this alludes to the waves that are bobbing around the pool. The lesser the turbulence, the faster you can swim. The best way to imagine it is, swimming in a calm lake vs. swimming in the sea during high tide. Hence, the lesser turbulence the water creates in a competitive pool, the better it is.

There are mainly two categories to turbulence:

  • 1.Direct – alludes to the waves that ricochet swimmer to swimmer
  • 2.Reflected – alludes to the waves that ricochet off the side and end dividers

A few approaches to deflect or avoid turbulence is as follows:

  • 1.Great ropes
  • 2.Pool canals
  • 3.Bulkheads
  • The Depth of the Pool

When it comes to the depth of the pool, turbulence and the depth itself practically go connected at the hip with regards to speed. As a swimmer travels through the water, they produce waves in every direction. This happens no matter how you swim or how effective your competitive swimwear is. Because of this, it makes the pool increasingly "fierce" or "wavy". In a shallow pool, these waves will reflect off the pool floor and hit the swimmer, which can considerably back them off.

Two or three different ways to fix the issue of pool depth:

  • 1.Increment the depth of the pool – the further the waves need to travel, the flimsier they become.
  • 2.Make the pool base a delicate incline – this limits the swimmer being hit straightforwardly with the waves

  • Circulation of water in the pool

The jets inside every pool are something that everyone cherishes and enjoys. All things considered, they aren't simply back massagers! They are intended to circle the water and synthetic substances you put into the pool. With the correct water circulation and training swimwear, you are more efficient.

The jets located in every pool with an excellent pump and channel allows water circulation. This spotless, expedient, well-flowing water satisfies the requirement for an ideal swimming presentation.

Ways to have the right water circulation:

  • 1.Perfect and clear water for competitions.
  • 2.Spare water: Make use of a filter that can save water while circulating as well.
  • 3.Save money: A channel that diminishes upkeep costs and the requirement for hair and builds up strainers

Other than the factors mentioned above, there are some other characteristics. These characteristics play a huge role in the efficiency of a competitive swimmer in training swimwear.

Good starting blocks:

They should be inclined, the right stature, and produced using a material that isn't dangerous. Starting blocks are created to enhance your start. The better the starting block, the better the push and the drag you get out of your start. If you have good starting blocks and a professional training swimwear, you have speed as well.

Water temperature:

A generally realized guideline is that cool pools are quicker. On the off chance that a pool is excessively hot, the swimmer will lose vitality quicker and his/her body temperature may increase. The accurate temperature in competitive swimming is anywhere between 24-27 degrees Celsius.

Air quality:

This may seem like a bizarre one. Breathing is a very important part of swimming. Anything that comes in the way of breathing can directly impact the swimmers’ performance. Hence, an arena with a ton of synthetic substances noticeable all around can impact breathing, actuate hacking, and leave you with migraines. Which is why good air quality around the pool is extremely important. Good atmosphere and your chlorine resistant swimwear are important.

Drain configuration:

Commonly known as the quickest pool on the planet, the IU Natatorium has a canal profundity of almost 2 ft. This is why this particular pool is incredible for engrossing and containing waves.

Lane width:

Lane width is the sections made between which competitive swimmers in their competitive swimwear compete in. Having lane width accurately pin down is important, it can affect speed.

  • Another important factor that plays a significant role in your speed apart from fast pools is competitive swimwear.

The right swimwear is equally essential

Buying the right competitive swimwear is important. The correct swimwear has the right kind of stitching and good quality designs. Swimmers also opt for competitive swimwear because they can choose and pick a chlorine resistant swimwear, which is also very important. There are a lot of technical factors that play a part in the competitive one-piece swimsuits that are used. All of these factors help with limited restrictive movement and the right drag, which is vital.

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