​Why Choose Swimwear from Nova Swimwear?

Published by Shokhi on Jan 01, 1970

Why Choose Swimwear from Nova Swimwear?

Swimsuit shopping can often be daunting, especially when you don’t know what swimwear to buy and from where. There are numerous styles in the market but before choosing one, you must consider two important elements.

  • a.Does it suit your body type?
  • b.Is it serving your purpose?

Things to consider before buying girls swimwear

Firstly, you need to understand what shape your body is in. Doing so will help you determine what styles will look best. The most common shapes categorized are Hourglass, Apple, Pear, and Boyish.

  • Hourglass

If your bust and hip are similar in size but wider than your waist, you are considered an hourglass shape. A bikiniwill be ideal for you. A one-piece swimsuit which is triangle shaped is also another option. These swimsuits will fit you in all the right places, accentuating your natural curves. It will also provide an illusion, making your stomach look flatter than usual.

  • Apple shaped

To consider yourself apple shaped you have to have your bust and waist will be a similar size but wider than your hip. The ideal swimsuit for you is a one-piece swimsuit. If you aren't comfortable with have a cheeky one piece you could opt for a knee-length swimsuit.

  • Pear-shaped

If you have a pear-shaped body, your bust and waist will be similar in size. They should also be smaller than your hips. A pear-shaped bikini with triangle shaped bottom is ideal.

  • Boyish shaped

If there isn’t any noticeable difference between your, bust, waist and hips you have a boyish shaped figure. Your enviable slender figure is suitable for all kinds of ladies swimwear.

Apart from your body type, paying attention to colours and patterns also makes a significant difference while deciding swimwear for ladies. The best trick is choosing solid colours where you don't want to draw attention. On the other hand, opting for bold patterns will draw attention to the places you want under the spotlight.

The Importance of choosing competitive swimwear:

Competitive swimmers do not have the opportunity to just pick up swimwear at a local store. Recreational swimming demands different needs. A local swimsuit store couldn’t provide for the same. Which leaves you only one option, choosing competitive swimwear from an expert retailer. Below you will find what is necessary to possessive in your swimwear if you are a competitor.

  • Compression

Even though you are swimming competitively, a swimsuit that fits in the correct manner and helps you feel confident is vital. Apart from being confident in your own skin, competitive swimwear should also help with enhancing your performance. Which is why swimwear that causes compression in certain areas is principle. This allows you to propel faster under water.

  • Limited Restrictive Material

Lighter materials are used to create competitive swimwear.By using these swimsuits your restriction is lacking as compared to swimsuits available in local stores. As a swimmer, you need material as thin as another layer of skin. There are two dominant reasons for the following. The first being you want to be as lightweight as possible. The second is having the ability to move your body freely under water. If you make use of any other suit it would most likely reduce your speed and efficiency under water. This is a result of the fiction that would likely be caused by thicker fabrics.

Things to consider before buying boys swimwear

  • Buying according to your build

Even if you are a guy, choosing the right training swimwear for your body is salient.

  • 1.Choose broad shorts if you are tall and thin.
  • 2.Buy board shorts if you have a big built and are tall. Also sticking to solid colours and avoiding prints is also something you should follow.
  • 3.If you are short and buff person, stick to trunks or boxers.
  • 4.If you are short and thin opt for slim board shorts.
  • Choose according to usage and purpose
  • 1.Choose trunks if you are someone who just swims for fun. Trunks are the most common type of swimwear used. They look exactly like regular short which means you don’t need to step out of your comfort zone.
  • 2.Select racers if you are a competitive swimmer. Their minimal coverage results in the decreases of drag and offers a full range of motion.
  • 3.Pick men’s jammers if you are new to swimming.
  • 4.Opt for a square leg. They are most likely to be used as competitive swimwear for practice.

Why choose Nova Swimwear?

Nova Swimwear is completely customized to each client’s requirements. The designs are according to international standards, which help in improving overall performance. At Nova Swimwear, we offer a range of distinctive swimwear and racing swimwear like no other brand. We are also renowned and known how to pay attention to every last detail. Even when it comes to performance-based fabrics, only polyester and Lycra is used. Both of which are chlorine resistant and suitable for competitive swimming and pool workouts.

  • Eminent elements Nova Swimwear provides
  • 1.Size chart

Nova Swimwear provides choice in all sizes. The size scales from extra small right up to plus size swimwear. Which means you don't have to stress over finding the right size that will fit. All the sizes you could possibly need is under one single online swimwear website.

  • 2.Customized swimwear

We have two available options, choose from our existing styles or order your own design. You are allowed to do so by making use of our in-house screen-printing service. Nothing gets better than personalized professional swimwear online.

  • 3.We are precise

Our surf lifesaving and unisex tops feature sublimation printed and high-quality fabrics, designed specifically to ensure safe and comfortable swim for all. The swimwear comes with flat-locked stitching to prevent chafing, and a wide size range in sizes. Special dyes ensure low resistance to fading as well.

A lot of elements come into play to create good quality swimwear. This is why Nova Swimwear is the place to visit online if you are in need of some quality swimwear online. We understand the importance of all the things that come into play for competitive swimwear and otherwise. We intend to deliver cheap swimwear that has stellar quality. Nova Swimwear provides all types of swimwear to ensure you can perform to your fullest while being comfortable.