Nova Swimwear Model Search and Product Photo shoot

Published by Michael Sherry on Nov 24, 2013

Nova Swimwear seeks Model for Photoshoot

Nova Swimwear Lifestyle Slider

After some long hours conducting interviews for swimwear models, we were finally able to settle on the new faces of Nova Swimwear for 2013. We put many hours into finding the image that is right for us because we want to provide our customers with realistic representations of our products in order to ensure customer satisfaction. It makes sense that our dedicated team would put a huge amount of effort into finding new models, because it is our culture to always push above and beyond expectations. We love to work hard and produce fantastic products that our customers will appreciate and value.

You may not be aware, but here at Nova we are a team of perfectionists and we strive to produce swimwear products of the highest durability, performance and quality that also look stunning.

Our graphic artists have put in many painstaking hours of printing design samples, checking and rechecking colours, retouching patterns and ensuring pixel perfection on the computer screen. All of this effort has allowed us to print some of our most aesthetic and eye catching swim garment designs to date. We are very proud of the latest designs for our 2013 range.

We felt that our new models would be able to help our photographer capture our new 2013 swimwear designs in such a way that would make our graphic artists proud. The modelling shoot took a grueling 10 hours with over 600 shots produced, along with 3 extremely tired models. However, the hard work didn’t stop there. The next task was to carefully sift through our mountain of photos to find the ones that best represented our products.

We are pleased to say that all of this work has paid off, and we are proud to present the 2013 Nova Swimwear Lifestyle Range and the 2013 Nova Swimwear Racing Range. This range includes designs for Female One-Piece,Two-Piece, Mature/Plus Size Swimwear. Don’t forget the guys, we have new Men’s Briefs & Jammers and many other swimwear accessories!

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