​Keep Your Body In Good Shape and Feel Amazing

Published by Shokhi on Nov 15, 2018

Keep Your Body In Good Shape 

Swimming is a sport which is really good for the body. Being regular with your swimming is actually a form of exercise in itself. Thirty minutes of swimming with generous breaks will be equivalent to working out for twenty minutes. However, swimmers, like every other athlete, need to pay attention to their diet and nutrition. We all know that a balanced diet is a key to achieve a fit body so that they can easily fit into their men’s swimwear. However, what most people don’t know is that the diet varies according to activities and nature of the athlete. So, the question is what exactly is the best diet and nutrition for a swimmer. Let's find out!

What to eat

Swimming burns a lot of calories. Therefore, it is crucial to maintaining a proper diet in order to supplement the need for calories. A few important things that you need are:-

1. Water - Swimmers need a lot of fluids in their body or else their biological systems will go for a toss.

2. Carbohydrates – Carbohydrates provides you with calories to fuel your daily calorie. These include food like whole wheat pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.

3. Protein – Proteins are essential to building muscle. You can get it from eggs, pulses, salmon, and fish.

4. Fibre and vitamins – Fibre and Vitamins are vital for the body. You can get them from green leafy vegetables like spinach, carrot and green peas.

Athletes need to avoid food which makes them uncomfortable or causes indigestion. A big no-no for their diet should be sugary foods. Be sure to look out for hidden sugar in packaged items by looking at the ingredients used as. Fibre foods are usually good for your health. Yet, it’s best for swimmers to not eat wheat pizza or beans right before swimming. Avoiding spicy food is also a good option as it may sabotage your performance.

When to eat

The timing of your meals is vital. Experts suggest that consuming small meals throughout the day is ideal as there is a regular intake of calories. However, after an exhaustive practice session, a heavy meal is required to make up for lost calories and lost energy. Before any race or competition though, a light meal that provides enough energy for the race should be consumed.
A proper diet will keep you in the right shape. Finding the best swimwear to compliment your physique is also really important and buying it from a trusted brand like Nova Swimwear will give you confidence. Visit their website to check out catalogues of ladies’ swimwear, men’s swimwear, boy’s hammers, knee-length swimsuit, one piece swimwear and many more!

Exercise and training

Now, the next most important thing to keep in mind after the diet is exercise and training. The key to an efficient training session also depends on the kind of swimsuit you are wearing. It also depends on the quality of the swimsuit. Buy swimsuit from companies like Nova swimwear who provide chlorine resistant swimwear to protect your body and provide comfort too.
Exercising is really important before you dip your body into water. Regular training is a must for those aspiring professional swimmers. Here are some handy tips that can enhance your swimming training –

1. Finding your own technique - Techniques will be very useful once you’ve practiced them with all your strength. After some practice, you will get a feel for the water. Your strokes will eventually increase your efficiency, speed, and confidence.

2. Strength training and on land training - You can use equipment that engages your muscles while training. Doing simple push-ups, leg cradles, squats, and sit-ups are sufficient to get you started before getting into the pool. Make sure that you wear the best gear by investing your money in the right place. Companies like Nova Swimwear can provide you with the right swimwear. They can also provide you with a variety of cheap swimwear for you to choose from.

3. Swimming faster with shorter workouts - Not a lot of swimmers get time to practice every day. They may lose their time but come up with some heavily engaging practices that might improve your overall swimming performances.

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