Published by Dennis on May 21, 2015

Male Swimwear

For men and boys who are looking for a high-quality jammer that looks great, feels comfortable, and lasts for years, there is only one choice: Nova Swimwear. With plenty of styles, the finest materials possible, and Australian pride in every product, Nova Swimwear is a leader in boy’s jammers.

The Best Boy’s Jammers from Nova Swimwear

Quality Materials in Every Jammer

You can have more than the average swimsuit when you choose a product from Nova Swimwear. Our boy’s jammers are made with Chloroban+ fabric, an advanced material that helps your suit keep a snug fit while also remaining comfortable and flexible. With Rip stop fabrics, you’ll have a jammer that you can wear for training, races, and other water activities. With 100% colour retention and 100% stretch retention, you can count on your jammer to last for years and years, even through the toughest, most rigorous swim training.

Chlorine is one of the biggest culprits for harming jammers and other swimsuits. It may kill algae, bacteria, and other unwanted organisms in pool water, but it also fades the colour on your swimming apparel and can prematurely wear down the fabrics, resulting in loose or ill-fitting garments. That’s why we put so much time and energy into chlorine resistance, using fabrics that maintain their colour and shape, allowing you to focus on being a better swimmer.

These materials help your jammer last longer, but you can also find different designs to fit your personal style. From colourful options like the Jammer Paint Balls to a simple style like the Jammer Marine, all the best options are waiting for you.

Boys Jammers Can Handle Any Activity

Thanks to an excellent fit and quality materials, our boys jammers are perfect for swim races and training. They resist the harmful effects of chlorine while helping you stay as sleek as possible in the water. While they are the top choice for competitive swimmers, they are also a must-have for surfing, paddle boarding, aquatic fitness, long-distance swimming, and more. Whether you are running a triathlon or relaxing in a heated pool, our jammers will make sure you stay comfortable and flexible the entire time.

Proud to Be an Australian Company

Everything we manufacture and sell is made with pride right here in Australia. Since 1986, we have been creating stylish, high-quality boy’s jammers and swimsuits that can handle saltwater and chlorine. You’ll not only get a product that maintains an excellent value, you’ll also get a 30-day money-back guarantee and excellent customer support through our convenient phone line, where you can talk to real people who are ready to help with anything.

Get a Great Jammer from an Australian Company

You can browse our selection of boy’s jammers right now to find the high-quality products you need. Visit our store and you can get the best for training, surfing, fitness, and more.

When you are looking for high-quality jammers from an Australian company, look no further than Nova Swimwear.