Prevent Swimwear Colour Fade by using Nova Swimwear

Published by Michael Sherry on Feb 04, 2014

Nova Swimwear's Swimsuits Dont Fade

Do your swimsuits or bathers fall apart or dramatically fade after only a few weeks? If you are spending a large period of your swimming time in chlorinated water, there is a high chance that the chlorine is stressing the material of your swimmers. 

Nova Swimwear Enduro Tech 100% Polyester & Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

If your swimwear suffers from colour fading, you can extend the colour longevity of your swimsuits by purchasing Nova Swimwear that contains a high concentration of Polyester. If a swimsuit is made from 100% Polyester (which the vast majority of our Swimsuits contain) then it will have a much higher rate of colour retention.

A swimsuit made from 100% Polyester should retain 90% of its colour for over 12 months with regular use. The high Polyester content will also help the garments maintain their shape and elasticity.swimmers which can cause loss of elasticity and fading colour.

Unlike many of the swimsuits that are manufactured by our competitors who stock and use Nylon or Spandex (the most common swimsuit material), Nova Swimwear will not be destroyed by regular contact with Chlorine.

Nova Swimwear Enduro Tech Male Brief – 100% Polyester & Chlorine Resistant C

The 100% Polyester Chlorban Fabric does not contain Elastine because it is the Elastine is quickly ruined by contact with Chlorine. For that reason, Nova Swimsuits do sacrifice a little stretch in order to provide massive gains in durability, colour longevity, product life and customer satisfaction!ompetition Swimwear

Our Swimsuits are designed to be a tight fit (like the 

Nova’s latest range of swimwear including all of our Lifestyle Swimwear Range and also the Enduro Tech and Victory models from the Competition Range all feature our Chloroban+ Fabric and are all 100% Polyester!) so if you are looking for a more comforting fit, we reccommend that you order your bathers at 1 size larger than normal. 

Please see our sizing charts for further information.

Extended Durability + Longer Lasting Colour = 100% Satisfied Customers

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